Homeschool Schedule of the Burpee family

by Melissa B.
(Seguin, TX)

Our family consists of my husband and I and three wonderful blessings - Two sons ages 12 and 10 and one daughter age 5. My husband is self employed, and I have the joyous task of being his helper as well as schooling our children and running our home.

My day starts at 5:00 with some quiet time then DH and I go to the gym to work out together for about an hour. He leaves from there to work and I arrive home about 7:00.

My boys get up on their own at 7:00. My oldest then takes his shower and does his daily grooming, while my 10 year old has his quiet time. Then they flip flop. At 7:50 they spend a quick ten minutes getting their room picked up. My daughter gets up at 8:00 and we all have breakfast together. My oldest cleans up the mess from breakfast, then starts his science (Apologia) while my 10 year old does his math (Teaching Textbooks). After my little girl gets dressed we spend about an hour or so working on phonics and math together.

Then my ten year old moves on to science (Apologia) while the 12 year old does his math (Teaching Textbooks) and my 5 year old does some handwriting on her own. I work on invoicing for my DH. Then I sit down with the 10 and 5 year old to do history and Literature (Tapestry of Grace).

The 10 year old reads aloud to us and we discuss what he reads (sometimes I will read as well). Then the 10 year old works on creative writing and spelling, while the 5 year old has some free time.

My 12 year old is working on his history and literature at this time, and I am available to him, if needed. If not I am doing work for DH and preparing lunch. We have lunch at 12:30.

After lunch my 10 year old cleans up from lunch, the 5 year old takes a nap, while the 12 year old tackles creative writing and vocabulary. Then they all have their Bible time (we do this last simply because they all love it and it is a nice end to their school day) and work on memory verses. (We are memorizing the book of James together.) The goal is to be done with everything by 2:15 then the rest of the afternoon is free time, or time to make up unfinished work, until 5:00 when we do evening chores.

Each of us has a laundry day, so I do one or two loads during the day, they fold and put away their own things.

Each one is scheduled to be supper helper one day week. I know it sounds so complicated...but really it is not. We are not super sticklers to the schedule, but it does help to keep things running smooth. My two boys love having a schedule...I could do with out it:) but we all need it to keep us focused and on it helps us remember what needs to be done.

The kids each have a list that is typed out as well as a weekly assignment sheet so everyone knows what to expect. Fridays are free days or make up work days. We also do the next week's planning together at this time. I have found life to be much smoother, and we get more done when we stick to it:)

See this homeschool schedule in table format.

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