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KONOS is a biblically-based unit studies curriculum written by two homeschooling mothers,  Carole Thaxton and Jessica Hulcy.

KONOS is a hands on curriculum, which integrates subjects into themes focussing on character traits.  It uses discovery methods of learning to foster critical thinking and immerse the children in the learning as a whole.  It is written for families – in a multi level way to build relationships as learning is done together.  By immersing children into units which integrate all the subjects, the material is learned and retained far better. KONOS encourages learning by all the senses – by reading, listening, creating and doing.

The subjects are integrated in a unique way covering different character traits.  For example, (from their website)

      In the Attentiveness unit, children learn about the eye and its importance.
      They learn from Scripture that the eye is the window to the heart (Bible),
      do many science experiments like dissecting a cow’s eyeball (science), read
      poetry and idioms related to the eye (language/literature), use eyes to sketch
      and paint (art/crafts), sing "Be careful little eyes, what you see" (music), write
      reports on the causes of blindness (health/safety and writing), read
      biographies of Helen Keller and Louise Braille (reading/history), and practice
      being attentive to the needs of one another (character).

KONOS Elementary comes in four volumes covering 18 character traits:

  • Volume 1: Attentiveness, Obedience, Orderliness, Honor, Trust, Stewardship, Patience,
  • Volume 2:  Inquisitiveness, Love/generosity, Courage, Wisdom, Responsibility, Loyalty
  • Volume 3: Cooperation, Determination, Honesty, Self control, Resourcefulness, Joy/cheerfulness

These KONOS Curriculum Volumes are huge with 2-3 years of curriculum in each book, approx 500 pages long. It has weekly lesson plans for ages K-8th grade, suggested writing assignments, literature to read and wonderful hands on activities to make and do.

KONOS in a Box

Konos also comes in a box. This covers one character trait over 18 weeks.  It includes a Character curriculum book (250-300 pages), 2-3 literature books, 3-4 information books, 2-3 easy readers, craft supplies for 3 children, timeline characters – suitable for K-8th grade.  This package helps you to get right into the study without finding the resources on your own.

KONOS in a Bag

This is a great way to sample KONOS while exploring a foreign culture. Each 14-18 week curriculum is a self contained discovery unit, complete with relevant arts and crafts projects that make learning fun and retainable all the while covering history, literature, writing, social studies, science, music, art, geography, dance, PE, and practical living.

KONOS Highschool

KONOS also has a curriculum for highschool students. It is called HOW – History of the World and is designed for 9-12th graders.  Jessica describes it as RAID:

  • R – rigorous research, reading and writing
  • A - Activities which increase understanding, retention and fun
  • I - Iindependent study to prepare for college and life.
  • D - Ddialogue – an important part of classical learning between parents and students.

The History of the World covers:

  • History of the World Year I: Ancient World (hard copy)
  • History of the World Year II: Medieval World (hard copy)
  • History of the World Year III: Renaissance and Reformation (download)
  • History of the World Year IV: American History (download)

More information from the Konos Website.

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