Lego Club Challenges

by Benjamin

First Lego Club Challenge

First Lego Club Challenge

First Lego Club Challenge

My friends and I made a mini lego club called "Pirate Pig Lego Club." We have challenges, building competitions and fun times. We made badges with a picture of a pirate pig on it. Our first challenge was to build a model of a room of your house. My model (as pictured) is my living room with my family watching TV. There was meant to be a winner but in the end everybody won so everybody was happy!

Our Second Lego Club Challenge

Our second Pirate Pig Lego Club Challenge was who could build a fortress, castle or something medieval. We chose this because my friends were studying medieval in history.

The picture above is of my mini figure standing standing at the door of mine. It took me 2 days to complete but it was fun! Again nobody won but that meant that everyone was happy.

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Jun 24, 2010
Thanks guys!
by: Ben


no, our characters aren't pigs, but we have badges that have pigs that are pirates on them. oh and yes SOMEONE creative (Noah and Elijah) made them up.

Jun 24, 2010
Great job Ben!
by: Anonymous

Great job on your pages Ben!! Its great to see how much fun you have as a homeschooler!! I wish I knew why the club was called the Pirate Pig Lego Club!! SOmeone really creative must have thought that one up!!!

Jun 16, 2010
Pirate Pig Fun!
by: Talitha

Good work. I can easily see that that is your loungeroom. Why did you call your club, "Pirate Pig?" Are you all pigs or something or are your lego characters, pigs?

Good on you for making a mini website.

I like making things out of lego too.
Maybe I will make a Lego page too.

At the moment, I am writing a story about bees. It is not finished yet, but when it is done, I will add it to my page.

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