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Listening to stories of unique homeschool life by families all around the world is inspirational! Unique circumstances, unique way of life and different ways to do homeschooling gives us ideas and encouragement.  God really added colour into His world by making families unique with different gifts, different characters and different ideas. 

If you're new to homeschooling, it is such a blessing to read of those who have gone ahead. Seeing how other homeschool families live life, how they teach their children, how they work in differing circumstances, how they deal with various obstacles and still instil a love of learning and strive to develop self motivated learners where the home is buzzing with excitement!

That's the aim of this page. To view a bunch of varied homeschool families - doing homeschool life in their way!

Would you care to inspire us?  What makes your homeschool family unique? Describe your homeschool life .... a celebration... a homeschool field trip ... a theme you've studied and special days you have enjoyed in the study or to finish the study - such as feasts or homeschool game days.

Describe your Homeschool daily life!  Take a few photos of your family! Be creative! Show us what homeschooling life looks like in your home - what is a picture of love? What is a picture of Life? What is a picture of Learning?  How has homeschooling changed your lives and the lives of your children. It can be serious; It can be fun; It can be crazy.... Then let others know about your homeschool day through facebook and other ways;

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Such an interesting blog article (and website) by Stephanie Langford. 

She had other things in her mind when she began her year long, family trip over the world. However, there were other things that her children were able to learn.  Sometimes the lessons you learn are those you weren't intending to learn - but often more important!

Stephanie writes, "Our trip has opened our eyes to what it means to educate our children more holistically, and what it might mean to live out these values we’ve adopted even once we’re back to suburbia and math lessons, working in an office and waking up to the same town every morning, driving a minivan and mowing the lawn."

A Day in the Life of a Homeschool Mom by Christin Slade

The realities of a day in the life of a homeschool mom by Christin Slade.

Here is a blog article written of what one of Christin's days looks like. It's filled with the realities of the good and the bad. The temptations we have as mothers, the arguments that happen between children. 

Refreshing to read.

More of this blog post from

Nature Exploration

Mamaofletters speaks about nature exploration with little ones and writes, 

"Here are some simple things I do to let my boys explore and appreciate nature:

  • I let my boys get dirty.
  • I let them play with sticks.
  • I don’t discourage them from looking under rocks or branches."

Your Homeschool Journey so far...

Whether you have been homeschooling for a week or for years, we would love to hear about your homeschooling family and how you live and learn together. Share your homeschool days and experiences with us all.

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