Shared Online Nature Journal to record the Homeschool Family's Nature Walks

The Online Nature Journal is an ideal place to record your homeschool family's nature walks and exciting discoveries!

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"Simply put, nature journaling is the regular recording of observations, perceptions, and feelings about the natural world around you. That is the essence of the process." (p 5, Keeping a Nature Journal Written by Clare Walker Leslie.)

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Nature can be recorded in written prose or poetry, drawing, paintings, photographs, tape recordings and even through music. Many people use a variety of these techniques scattered through their nature journal.

Homeschool families can greatly benefit from making a nature journal through the seasons, or take advantage of this online nature journal.

What about a Shared Online Nature Journal?

Here's a thought!

A nature journal in which I can show my backyard wonders from Australia, and in which you can send your findings, photographs, and experiences from Alaska to Japan, South Africa to USA....the World!

This is a great place for homeschooling families to enjoy capturing those special moments, the beautiful finds on the nature walks. Feel free to add your observations and what you have learned. 

What's in your backyard?

An insect! A flower? A bee collecting pollen? A view? A magnificent sunset or sunrise? An animal endemic to your area?

Share your nature experiences, fascinating sights and the beauty of the creation around you.

Nature from around the World

Click below to see the beauty of nature around the world written by others...

California Forest Fox Dens 
I live in a beautiful forest in Northern California. My first First Grade field trip with mom was to visit FOX DENS! Foxes burrow under the ground, and …

Stick insects and their eggs 
I have one spiny leaf stick insect. It is about 10 months old. I got it from my school teacher last year 2010 for free as she had to many babies to control. …

Home School Science Find - Mud Lobster 
The sighting of this mud-lobster was my very first, ever since I became a volunteer at the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve in 2002.. It was about 3pm …

Is my caterpillar naughty? 
I found 8 caterpillars in my front garden. I named each of them and put them in a plastic container with plastic wrap as a lid with tiny holes in it. The …

Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle  
Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle In September, 2009 while getting mulberry leaves for our baby silkworms, Joel found some monarch caterpillars on the milkweed …

Hanging Above My Window 
My name is Kaela and I am seven years old. Last week I spotted a bird nest above our bedroom window. It is small and balanced on the wires, it is round …

Childrens Stick Insect  
At the Sydney museum, the people gave us three more stick Insects: 2 Goliaths and 1 Children's. The Children's stick Insect is laying eggs. She is 12 centimetres …

Titan - the longest stick insect in Australia 
On the 7th of December, while we were playing outside, Ben found a stick insect on our front fence. The stick insect eats at night and is very still in …

Stick Insect Hatches 
Just to let you know a few updates with our stick insects. There have been some deaths along the way, but we have recently had a few Childrens Stick …

I like silkworms because they are soft and cuddly. They have sixteen legs. They only eat mulberry leaves. They eat all day and eat lots at night too. …

Rufous Net Casting Spider 
While out gardening in our front garden last week we saw a wonderful net casting spider. It is amazing how it is holding the net ready to drop it on any …

The Legend of Zebby, the Native Possum Not rated yet
Zebby is a possum. But not,under any circumstances,is he a normal possum. In fact, Zebby may have rabies - we aren't sure. So one day, we pull in our …

Monarch Butterfly Chrysalis Not rated yet
October 1, 2009 When the monarch butterfly caterpillar is about to make a chrysalis, it turns upside down and the exoskeleton peels off and underneath …

Monarch Butterfly Caterpillars Not rated yet
22nd September, 2009 Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle: First the Monarch butterfly caterpillar comes out of its egg. Then it eats a lot of Milkweed. …

Who's that in our back yard? Not rated yet
We found a male cardinal hopping around looking for breakfast in our backyard. We live in South East Georgia in a hundred acres of pine trees.

Baby Chimpanzee at Taronga Zoo Not rated yet
This year we have decided to buy a Zoo Pass and go to the Zoo as often as we like. What I really like about this is that we can go just to see reptiles …

Wombat holes Not rated yet
We found a wombat hole. I could fit in it, if I wanted to. There were lots of holes it looked like a town underground. I didn't see any wombat though! …

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