Starting a Web Business - for You
and your Homeschooling Teens

In order to help Teen Entrepreneurs, and ideas for homeschooling in highschool,  I have added this page on starting a web business.

Of course, not all homeschooling teen entrepreneurs or homeschool families will want to start a web business; they may have way better business ideas- but in this computer age, having a web business to complement whatever off-line business you do create, own or run, does make sense.  

Starting a web business from scratch!

When I was faced with this question, I searched the web for an answer.

But, soon I was feeling overwhelmed with everything I didn't know and not knowing how or where to begin. I couldn't create a plan of what to do next, because this was all totally foreign to me!

I asked myself the question, "Starting a web business on my own? - How does that work?"

Yes, I could work out a little of what I needed in starting a web business - or so I thought:

What is needed when starting a web business

Here are some statistics about SBI! sites:

* 35% of SBI! sites ranked in the top 1% of all sites (i.e., higher than 99% of all sites on the Web).

* 53% were in the top 2%

* 62% scored in the top 3%.

of all the 100 million websites around the world!

Read more in my month by month Site Build It! Diary.

  • a web host ($$$ per month - depending on what you want in the 'package.')
  • Domain Registration ($$)
  • Tools to help you search, build, find a niche ...
  • Information on how to write the website - learning HTML, codes, uploading pages, working with graphics, tables etc, etc,
  • Marketing tools - to research
  • Covering yourself against spam
  • Learning about Search Engines - submitting your site
  • Keeping your information secure and organized
  • Having an overall plan
  • Creating an E-zine or newsletter
  • Creating forms
  • Making your site into a RSS Feed
  • Linking with others -
  • Submitting to directories
  • ......
  • ......

My website building research begins...

So, how did I envision I would go about getting my business idea on the web? Buy some books - read and re-read them. Search for hours for tools, help, support for my problems which would come and no doubt stump me.

At the same time as wanting to start my own web business and share my passion and interest in homeschooling, I also wanted to homeschool (!!) and continue to be a part of my family. How does a mum do it without missing out on still being a mum, wife and everything else?

Well, I did not go down the "library-books-research-hours upon hours" path! Knowing what I do now, after using Site Build It!, I am so very, very thankful that I did not try it on my own - finding a whole host of tools from here and there and trying to put it together. I know, that I would be lost if I did that!

Instead I read, watched videos and found out a whole lot more about Sitesell!

Now, years on with Sitesell, my site is being seen by others (and being helpful to others - which has always been my main aim), as well as it bringing in some extra income on the side. Even according to the different rating systems such as Alexa Traffic Rating, I am scoring well and it is not because I've been so clever!!! I am amazed again and again at what SBI! has been able to do for me!

There's even a Work At Home Guide to help mums (or moms) out!

Please be my guest and download this free ebook or free education for work-at-home-mums! I'm sure you will really enjoy reading it. It will give you great insight into starting a web business!

4 Week E-Course: How to Build a Profitable Web Business!  With either....






Whether you are considering setting up your own web business, or creating a homeschooling course to teach your kids about business skills, this  Free 4 Week E-Course below will help you see how Sitesell has been helpful to me each step of the way.  This course also explains how those who love using WordPress can also benefit from Sitesell's Guide, Brainstorm Tools and more in a special plugin called, BizXpress!  This E-Course will be delivered to your email box. Each week has a different focus.

  • What sort of Business? Find your passion; - What idea do you have?  How can you create a business around that idea?
  • Comparing "Site-Building/Hosting/Marketing" Courses/packages. Which course proves success?
  • The Proven Way to Build a Business On-line - How the Action Guide from Sitesell works;
  • Even More Tools and Ebooks... for free!  These Ebooks are great even if you are just use them to teach your children how to engage with an audience and write to a specific audience.  A fantastic skill to have!

Study the steps of starting a web business in your own time and in the context of your homeschooling family and then, put the plan into action.

Build a Profitable Web Business -
4 Week E-Course

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