Wordly Wise 3000

by Nicole Smith
(Sydney, NSW, Australia)

wordly wise

The Wordly Wise 3000 series is designed to expand student's vocabularies and is a great addition to any homeschool language arts curriculum.

Each Lesson contains a new list of words with their definitions, followed by several exercises, to be done possibly over the next few days, that practise using those words correctly in context.

Different levels of books cover grades K through to 12. The books for younger children employ larger type face, illustrations, riddles to work out, crosswords and other interesting activities.

For older students, there are again different engaging activities, with more critical thinking being used, and an interesting narrative to read and and answer questions from. After repeated exposure to each vocabulary word within a lesson, the students become more familiar and comfortable with that word and how to use it.

The workbooks also contain boxed information at the end of each lesson to discuss unusual word roots or usages.

The workbooks are inexpensive, paperback and consumable.
A Teacher's Resource Booklet is also available, that contains, among other things, answers to the questions in the workbook. We have not used this.

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