SBI Diary Update : Sitesell is way above the competition! Now even easier!

SBI Makes Writing Websites even easier! Right now, March 2012, Sitesell is being updated with a new, exciting interface!

I wonder, "Can SBI (Sitesell) really keep on improving?" And they've done it again!

If you've been on my website before, it is no secret to you, that I appreciate Site Build It! or should I say, "I Love SBI!" You may have read my Website Diary pages (Page 1, 2) which is my month by month web business building experience. Also see my video on the bottom of my SBI Diary 1.

Well, by the time I had worked with SBI for 1 year (in 2007), I understood what CTPM meant. As I continued on, I learned a whole lot about building traffic, inbound links monetizing strategies and far more. I learned about the power of Content 2.0 and how it works so well with SBI.

SBI latest new interface: Blockbuilder 2.0

SBI! Do The Math

And as I have been learning and applying it to this site as well as a few more websites I have developed, Sitesell have been working behind the scenes on the latest $3.5 million development which makes building a site far, far easier than ever before.

It is being released any day now!

SBI gives you not only the smart, fast and sleek tools to design an amazing website, it also continues to overdeliver as it teaches you not only how to build a website, but to build a profitable incoming producing web business. Great course for homeschooled kids! Not all of my children are keen to be writers behind a computer screen, but 4 out of 6 have given it a go - one has now started his own business in search engine optimization, and two others are currently working through the action guide and building their sites.

Blockbuilder 2.0

It's fast, easy, fun to use and makes the SBIer even more effective than before. To be honest, the old blockbuilder was a big 'clunky' and slow to use block by block when creating a page. (not that it could be seen on the web, or on any results - but just as a web builder)

But, that's all gone with BB2!

Now you have:

  • Modern, slick designs with the Sitebuilder
  • A visual builder where you enter all the details and can view all your changes immediately on the screen as you type.
  • A drop and drag system to include content on the page
  • A very effective use of 20 sitewide dots which enable you to add information to your whole site by dropping it on to one of the site-wide dots.
  • Column blocks
  • Raw html blocks for added code and data
  • 5 Libraries - where you store your images and files which are all accessible while working on your page.
  • An action guide to guide you. - not just how to build a page, but how to build a real, profitable, successful web business, that reaches the world and grows in traffic.

I have used Blockbuilder 1 when I first started, and although it did the job, it was like building a page with training wheels. I then went to Dreamweaver ($$$) and uploaded my own html. Yes, very effective and great to use by pricey! I have used Wordpress for a very small community group site (not for business) and found it very difficult to work with. (always looking for a patch to fix some glitch - that's my experience anyhow). I have also now worked with BB2 - one in a trial group before it's official launch over the next two week. And the conclusion is:

If I began a new site today (which I will when BB2 is out!) - I will definitely be using BB2. Easy, professional, slick, available, accessible, everything on one page - top of the range!

See it for yourself!

This is five years on from where I began.

End of 2007

More than 200 pages of content

including submissions!

End of 2009

More than 200 pages of content!


More than 215 submissions by my visitors!

End of 2011

Now over 850 pages of content including your submissions!

Listed in the top 5 of Top Homeschool Sites!

A huge uphill curve of learning
for me

Consolidating what I have learnt and kept up to date and informed by SBI.

All my questions are answered by the remarkable SBI forum.

Kept up to date with the latest news, news about Google, link building ideas.

Built 2 more websites.

Build a business website for a local business

Research skills to write what homeschoolers are looking for - tools all supplied by
Site Build It!

Even better Tools now!

Check out Brainstormer v3

SBI! 2.0

Taught (still teaching) my children business essentials as well as web building (using SBI)

And ... enough income to pay for my renewal fees plus extra.

Not bad for the first year!

I can easily pay for my website
in just one month from
Google ad income.

Pays for all our educational / schooling expenses, musical tuition, sport and more

Over 100 visits per day to my site!

Over 900+ unique visitors per day!

Over 1300+ unique visitors per day on 2 of my 3 sites;

more than 65,000 page views per site per month; (2/3 sites)

What an exciting journey it is with SBI! and even more with BlockBuilder 2.0 - an even more remarkable product for the same price of $299US (still the same price!)

Wonder if you could do this too? Of course you can. Have a question? Ask it here

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checkI can Do it with SBI!

I work best as an independent and self-disciplined entrepreuner.

  • I learn from the written word.
  • I learn by audio or visual (video)
  • I learn by doing.

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