Aesop's Fables - The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse Homeschool Printables to use with Language
Arts Lesson Plans

Homeschool language arts lesson plans based on Aesops Fables - The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse

aesops fables town mouse and country mouse

How do you use Aesops Fables as a base of a language arts lesson plan? Read the step by step way in which you can use any Aesops Fable and create a homeschool language arts lesson plan around it. You can use it to teach handwriting, spelling, writing techniques, grammar and punctuation.

The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse Aesops Fables

Are you looking to create a study around The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse? This ebook contains colourful bordered illustrations, lined pages, the fable ready to be traced to learn print or cursive writing.

Each Aesops Fable Language Arts Ebook contains:

  • An Outline of the language arts approach to this fable; this includes Discussion Questions to help the teacher/parent bring out the elements of the fable and help the child identify the writing techniques found in the fable.
  • Language Arts Lesson Plans based on Fables - A Step by Step guide to teach descriptive writing based on the model of any fable.
  • Copywork Ebook which includes:
    • Printing and cursive handwriting worksheets which your child can trace over or write on to the illustrated copy of the fable. Great for the homeschooling family with multiple ages and differing stages and abilities.
    • Lined handwriting printable pages for different aged children. (3 sizes)
    • Beautiful illustrations of the Fable.
    • Pages with a coloured illustrated border.
    • Pages with black and white illustrated border for your child to colour in.
  • Story Map graphic organizer for plot summaries.
  • Extra information on Descriptive Writing and useful Graphic Organizers to help with the homeschool language arts lesson.

Download Aesop's Fable - The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse Copybook. Only $3.50US.

This ebook has been created as a companion to the Language Arts Lesson Plans based on Fables.

Cost: Only $3.50US

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The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse Fable

The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse

Now you must know that a Town Mouse once upon a time went on a visit to his cousin in the country. He was rough and ready, this cousin, but he loved his town friend and made him heartily welcome. Beans and bacon, cheese and bread, were all he had to offer, but he offered them freely.

The Town Mouse rather turned up his long nose at this country fare, and said: "I cannot understand, Cousin, how you can put up with such poor food as this, but of course you cannot expect anything better in the country; come you with me and I will show you how to live. When you have been in town a week you will wonder how you could ever have stood a country life."

No sooner said than done: the two mice set off for the town and arrived at the Town Mouse's residence late at night. "You will want some refreshment after our long journey," said the polite Town Mouse, and took his friend into the grand dining-room. There they found the remains of a fine feast, and soon the two mice were eating up jellies and cakes and all that was nice.

Suddenly they heard growling and barking. "What is that?" said the Country Mouse. "It is only the dogs of the house," answered the other. "Only!" said the Country Mouse. “I do not like that music at my dinner."

Just at that moment the door flew open, in came two huge mastiffs, and the two mice had to scamper down and run off. "Good-bye, Cousin," said the Country Mouse, "What! Going so soon?" said the other.

"Yes", he relied:

"Better beans and bacon in peace

Than cakes and ale in fear."

Cost: Only $3.50US

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I use the same Ten Day Outline which I used to describe how to create Homeschool Language Arts Lesson Plans based on Literature.

language arts lesson plans

I have used this Ten Day model when writing my 200+ page e-book, Modeling the Classics: Language Arts Lesson Plans from the Hobbit.

NEW!! Modeling the Classics - Teaching Descriptive Writing. Read more here.

You can also see homeschool language arts lesson plans I have created using the idea of modeling excellent literature. Each lesson plan focuses on a particular stylistic element.

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