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Standing for the “old-time religion”, BJU Press (Bob Jones) has made a name for itself with their commitment to traditional Christian beliefs and strong academic standards. Engagingly comprehensive, newly updated, and always grounded in Scripture, Bob Jones Press' homeschool curriculum has educated thousands of students who have gone on to later success. Their comprehensive teachers’ guides give mothers a helping hand with detailed lesson instructions and answer keys, while their student textbooks contain a wealth of colorful photographs, illustrations, graphs and content that fully integrates a biblical worldview with academic life. (from

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Example of Grade 8 full curriculum

BJU Press Complete Grade 8 Kit
By Bju Press

Save yourself time and the hassle of buying individual components; you'll get everything you need for your main subjects with BJU Press' complete textbook kits! BJU Press' academically-sound, biblically-based courses have helped many homeschooling families fulfill their academic and spiritual goals.

This Grade 8 kit includes the following materials:

  • The American Republic 8 (Revised) Teacher's Edition
  • The American Republic 8 (Revised) Student Textbook
  • The American Republic 8 (Revised) Student Activities
  • The American Republic 8 (Revised) Student Activities Answer Key
  • The American Republic 8 (Revised) Test & Answer Keys
  • Writing & Grammar 8 (3rd Edition) Teacher's Edition
  • Writing & Grammar 8 (3rd Edition) Student Worktext
  • Writing & Grammar 8 (3rd Edition) Tests & Answer Key
  • Excursions in Literature 8 (3rd Edition) Teacher's Guide (2 volumes)
  • Excursions in Literature 8 (3rd Edition) Student Text
  • Excursions in Literature 8 (3rd Edition) Tests & Answer Key
  • Pre-Algebra Grade 8 Teacher's Edition
  • Pre-Algebra Grade 8 Student Textbook
  • Pre-Algebra Grade 8 Tests & Answer Key
  • Space, Earth, Science 8 (3rd Edition) Teacher's Edition
  • Space, Earth, Science 8 (3rd Edition) Student Textbook
  • Space, Earth, Science 8 (3rd Edition) Test & Answer Key

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