Fun History Project Ideas for Ancient Rome

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Hands on History Project Ideas when studying Ancient Rome

Live out the culture of Ancient Rome with fun history project ideas.

Make your own toga, soldier's cape, helmet, greaves, sword and shield;

Relax on cushions as you enjoy a Roman Feast;

Invite friends and have a gladiatorial battle!

Resources to plan history project ideas

We loved using Classical Kids Activity Guide. It has so many hands on history project ideas that are simple enough to do for young children.  There are a variety of projects in this book - spanning across a study of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.

Timelines are a wonderful way to see all history at a glance and the timeline figures from Amy Pak help to visualize what happens at what time - the figures of history through the ages.

We have also used Veritas Press Cards to show events of history by pegging them on a string on a large empty wall in our home.

Another way we have done time-lines is just to get a roll of paper, simply add a black line with dates and then draw in characters, events as well as glue in pictures of events. It's such a great way to see history and view different characters who lived at the same time.

Lapbooks and Notebooking on Ancient Rome

Are you interested in notebooking and making lapbooks? The Homeschool E-Store carries a variety of interesting lapbooks and guides to study Ancient Rome and bring it alive with all sorts of products including ebooks which have hands on history project ideas for this time period.

More Unit Studies to be found at

You will also find that some of the history project ideas on the Ancient Greece page - cover Ancient Rome as well. For example, the History Scribe - covers Greece and Rome and Robin Sampson has a study on Ancient History: Adam to Messiah - covering both of these time periods also.  See the Ancient Greece Project page for more information.

Ancient History Notebooking Pages

What I really like about this set of Notebooking pages from is the scope of the pages. 

This Package contains:

Ancient Africa & Egypt Notebooking Pages
Ancient Americas Notebooking Pages
Ancient China, Japan, & India Notebooking Pages
Ancient Greeks, Minoans, & Mycenaeans Notebooking Pages
Ancient Mesopotamia Notebooking Pages
Ancient Romans, the Early Christian Church, & Other European Cultures Notebooking Pages.

What I also like is that it does not only contain famous people, but also monuments and structures, maps, wars and things peculiar to the ancient time period.

It is very comprehensive. Click the image for more information.

Pages to help you create your Homeschool History Ancient Rome Study

Search for these titles at these Bookshops:

The Book Depository:

Christian Book:


The DYH History Bookshop

If you love teaching history, and love books (do you have that problem too?) - then you'd love to see my serious recommendations for studying history in your homeschool in the DYH History Bookshop.  If you have a resource you'd like me to mention, send me a note.. Marianne

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