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More Homeschool Deals happening this Black Friday Weekend!

There are so many homeschooling deals around across this Black Friday weekend, that I thought I would list the very best ones here.  They're not freebies - but they're great deals! Some 40-50% off!

This page contains my personal opinion about products I have enjoyed myself in our homeschool. They contain affiliate links, and if you purchase through them I receive a small commission. See my Affiliate Disclosure link on the top right of each page.

Compass Classroom

Currently, from November 27 - 30 - there is up to 50% off - so it's a perfect time to pick one or more of their products.

I just love Compass Classroom materials, so I want to share some of their best products.

One we are really enjoying at the moment is Homeschool Made Simple with Carol Joy Seid . This is a new series designed especially for homeschool parents. Carole Joy Seid has almost 30 years experience teaching thousands of moms and dads a literature-based approach to homeschooling. We're using this in our own homeschool evening discussion group.

Compass Classroom have excellent materials and I highly recommend WordUp - such a fun vocab show! Dwane Thomas stars in this zany new show teaching Latin and Greek roots, as well as hundreds of English words. Visual Latin  - really excellent material also by Dwane Thomas.

Economics - a wonderful video series which we tied in with Biblical Economics.

Have you heard of Craftsy?


Craftsy is a site where instructors have set up numerous courses to teach all sorts of craft.

So, if you'd love to learn a craft, join a class and your kids can join you at the kitchen table as you learn it with them.

There is a huge selection available including patchwork quilts, cake decorating and more.

Brookdale House Publisher - Now 40% off!

Brookdale house is now offering 40% off all ebooks during the Black Friday weekend. I love these books due to their Charlotte Mason style - incorporating both copywork and dictation into handwriting, Language lessons, Bible memorization, History through writing.

Such a great selection - and the very best time to have a look and buy!

Memorize the Sermon on the Mount

CurrClick also has amazing specials over this weekend!

It's a perfect time to collect resources at an amazing price. There are homeschool classes, curriculum, ebooks from such a wide variety of homeschool publishers. And the specials are going to be fantastic. This page will only work when the specials begin - so check it out on the 27th November.

Currclick has curriculum across all the ages and even college preparation materials as well as all subject areas.

Such a great way to ENJOY Geography with Little Passports

Little Passport's Black Friday sale is here! No need to head to the stores today! Purchase Little Passports online and give the gift that keeps giving all year long!

From now until Tuesday, December 1st, Little Passports is offering 60% off the first month of any subscription plan plus 10% off any non-subscription items! All you need to do is use code:BLACK60 at check out.

Although this sale needs no further introduction, let me take a moment to introduce you to the Little Passports products.

·  Watch the first ever Little Passports TV Commercial for adorable and honest testimonials from parents and kids!

·  Please read The Globetrotter’s Gift Guide for a great summary of Little Passports' products, including shop items for under $25!

Maestro Classics -  70% off!  Amazing Sale!

Make sure you check out the sales on these CDs over the next few days. These are sophisticated performances with the London Philharmonic Orchestra and include child-friendly, fun-filled stories and musical explanations. They are educational for adults and children alike.

SQUILT- Music Appreciation Curriculum

What a wonderful way to teach your children about beautiful music.  Super Quiet Uninterrupted Listening Time is the vehicle to do that! Teach how to listen, teach what to listen for. Mary Prather describes it in more detail in the video below. You can now buy all 4 volumes for $45.

Well - there's my top pick Homeschool Deals! Enjoy..

And if you've read this far down the page - send me what you're kids have been doing or plan to do and we'll make it look like a fancy "curriculum plan." (especially for the newbies who are anxious...)

Requesting:  Homeschool Curriculum Plans

Inspire Us!

Inspire us! What have you been doing with your family?

What is your Homeschool Curriculum Plan for your 8 year old? your 5 year old? for your 15 year old? Please fill in the form below .. and let us know what you've done or what you plan to do.

When you first begin to homeschool - you just don't know exactly what to do. It can be a bit scary choosing resources for the first time - so please give some one else a hand by showing them your Homeschool Curriculum Plan.

Please describe the age of your child, the subjects and what you intend to use.

You can add a photo if you like - of your child / your family / a project ...

Also, if they are doing a class or are learning how to juggle or ride a unicycle or doing a pottery workshop .. let us know!

Add your homeschool curriculum plan here.

Example Plan: Kinder

Bible: Listen to the Bible CD. Use "A Year with your Children through the Bible" as a devotion.

Math: Math puzzles, lego building, number games using ...; Dice games, Real life problems, Math U See blocks, Skip counting, Singapore Maths 1

History, Reading and Writing: Reading Living books from Tapestry of Grace. Oral narrations; Copying words and sentences from the oral narrations, Drawing pictures, colouring maps;

Phonics and Spelling: Beginning LEM Phonics - learning to read and spell Wordlist K with workbooks;

Science Reading and Writing: Nature Walks, Oral narrations from nature walks; Observation - drawing pictures, colouring; Christian Liberty Nature Readers; Reading about Australian animals;

Art: Looking at Art History of the Time period. Copying the Artists from "Discovering Great Artists" and "Meet the Masters." Combine this with history studies.

Literature: Listening to books being read (historical fiction in the time period/ literature according to age level - Use ChristianBook Reading lists as a base.

This is our Homeschool Freebies and Giveaway page;  It lists the current competition and ways you can win or earn all sorts of wonderful resources that your family will enjoy.

What do the competitions involve?  Sometimes I ask you to enter via a Rafflecopter competition and spread the word with Twitter or Facebook.  Other times, I ask you to add a Curriculum Review or a Homeschooling Idea;  We've had Web Hunts where you have scoured through my website to find answers and I've given away heaps of e-books to those who answered a questionaire at one stage. 

So, there are varied ways to enter and competitions/ games to play that suit different people.  I hope you join in.

Some Past Competitions and Homeschool Freebies

An Elementary Writing Curriculum

We've had many competitions over the years including $50 gift vouchers from Amazon or Christian Book, Ebooks from CurrClick  and a number of other wonderful teaching E-books and  homeschooling resources including games, books to read aloud, books to encourage and inspire.   Check out some of the great past gifts!

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