Homeschool Freebies and Giveaways: Sale Ended

August 20-25:  iHomeschool Network Omnibus 2013

Amazing!  Just over 5 days - on the 20th-25th of August, you can purchase a digital library of over 90 books from well known homeschool authors valued at $590 for only $25.

The sale will begin at 12:01am ET on Tuesday, August 20, 2013 and end at midnight on Sunday, August 25, 2013.  

 90 Amazing Homeschool Resources!

Included in the 90 Ebooks - are digital resources written by homeschool mothers who know what it means to live homeschooling;  These are practical ebooks from making schedules to homeschooling little ones, including hands on academic ideas as well as living life in the kitchen! 

I have included a few of my ebooks in this bundle, and knowing how expensive homeschooling can be - we have offered 590 ebooks at a ridiculously low price of $25.00

The ebook download links will be available until the 2nd of September, so once you have bought the huge collection - download all the ebooks on to your device ... and enjoy them through the whole year!

Enjoy your Bundle!


What's on this page? 

This is our Homeschool Freebies and Giveaway page;  It lists the current competition and ways you can win or earn all sorts of wonderful resources that your family will enjoy.

What do the competitions involve?  Sometimes I ask you to enter via a Rafflecopter competition and spread the word with Twitter or Facebook.  Other times, I ask you to add a Curriculum Review or a Homeschooling Idea;  We've had Web Hunts where you have scoured through my website to find answers and I've given away heaps of e-books to those who answered a questionaire at one stage. 

So, there are varied ways to enter and competitions/ games to play that suit different people.  I hope you join in.

July:  Get Organized and win a Homeschool Planner

If you are keen to get organized in your homeschooling, you will love my Keep On Track Homeschool Planner.  To be a part of this competition, you need to add one idea on how Homeschooling Benefits you and your family.  What do you really love?  Why did you begin to homeschool?  Add a reason on the Benefits of Homeschooling  page,  add what keeps you going and add a photo!  It doesn't have to be serious!  Do your kids like to homeschool because they can stay in their 'onesie' all day?  Take a photo! and add your 300 words (or more)!    It's fun to join in!

Some Past Competitions and Homeschool Freebies

We've had many competitions over the years including $50 gift vouchers from Amazon or Christian Book, Ebooks from CurrClick  and a number of other wonderful teaching E-books and  homeschooling resources including games, books to read aloud, books to encourage and inspire.   Check out some of the great past gifts!

the wilderking trilogy

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