Site Build It

by Mary Sigler

We are VERY interested in Site Build It and are wondering if there is any advice you could give us. Do you still love it as much as before? Are there any negatives? I am a homeschool mother like you with some very big dreams that I never thought would be possible. Now I think there is a chance and I'm excited. I wanted to just go ahead and do it but my husband thought that I should contact a feel people first and ask them what they thought about it. Thanks for answering in advance since I know that you are very busy.

Mary Sigler

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We love SBI
by: Marianne

Hello Mary,
I really love SBI and believe it has been the very best way to build a web business.
They provide the tools, the help, the action guide and all the up to date, latest information you need.
I would love to talk to you more about it. Could you send me your email address and I can address any particular questions you have.

I guess you've read my pages on my own SBI journey:

Send me an email, and I'd love to discuss things in more detail with you.

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