Homeschool History Curriculum Resources for

Trade and Empire 1600-1707

The Homeschool History Resources below will help you design your own homeschool history curriculum when studying the Trade and Empire, 1600-1707.

In creating this book list, I found it hard to weave a thread across so many ideas, wars, revolutions, explorers and scientific discoveries.

Therefore, on this page, I list the teacher resource books, general overview books and books which could be used as a spine for this time period. Then I have created my TOP TEN History Living Books for the units inside this time period. Enjoy your units!

  • Explorers
  • Artists in the period - Dutch/Flemish, Spanish; to Baroque style 1630-1680
  • Early Colonies in America
  • Native American Indians
  • Thirty years War (1618-1648)
  • Puritan Revolution / English Civil War 1642
  • Trade
  • English Civil War - Cromwell
  • Scientific Discoveries - Blaise Pascal, Robert Boyle, Isaac Newton, Leeuwenhoek
  • French Wars pre Revolution- Sun King, Louis XIV
  • London - Plague, fire
  • Great Writers - John Bunyan, John Milton, John Locke
  • Pirates

Everyone has their favourite homeschooling history books. The selection below are books which we have enjoyed using as a family and others which have been highly recommended.

Keep reading for an overview or skip this part and read more details about the History Resources below.

History Resources Overview -

Trade and Empire History Homeschool Overview

During this time period, 1600 - 1707, we see a century filled with violent wars such as the Thirty Years War, Persecution of the Hugenots in France as well as amazing discoveries of Scientists such as Newton, Kepler and Harvey. Trade treaties were negotiated by the French, Dutch and English merchants. - also sadly trading in slaves was huge. We also read of pirates causing terror on the seas. Settlers also landed in North America from Europe due to religious persecution and so we study the early colonies in North America and we see the tensions between native American Indians and the newcomers.

Now, let's look at the History Resources in more detail below.

Favourite Historical Fiction Read Alouds for Trade and Empire

On the Living Books History page, I list my favourite read alouds for this time period divided into different sections: Trade and Empire History Living Books

Homeschool History Teacher Resource Books Trade and Empire

This is an excellent series and a great spine for this time period.

674010: Sweet Land of Liberty Sweet Land of Liberty
By Charles C. Coffin / Maranatha Publications, Inc

"...Are we doing a good enough job of teaching our children what America is and what she represents in the long history of the world?...We've got to do a better job of getting across the idea that America is freedom-freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of enterprise. And freedom is special and rare. It's fragile and it needs protection...So we've got to teach history based not on what's in fashion, but on what's important, on why the pilgrims came here...If we forget what we did we won't know who we are-I am warning of an eradication of the American memory that could result ultimately in an erosion of The American Spirit." President Ronald Regan Farewell Address Surely there is a meaning of history, else what are we living for? In this volume you will see how Tyranny and Wrong have fought against Liberty and Justice but how Tyranny and Wrong have gone down before it. Men die, generations come and go but ideas live on. Through all the narratives of wars, massacres, and bloodshed, you will see Right, Justice, and Liberty ever advancing. Softcover, 458 pages.

67544: Trial and Triumph: Stories from Church History Trial and Triumph: Stories from Church History
By Richard M. Hannula / Canon Press

Christianity is a faith in love with history. God took on human flesh and dwelt among us. The Spirit carried that divine work over the centuries, providing courage and maturity even amid our imperfections. Christians find their true family line not through tribes and ethnic blood but in the bond of faithfulness and shed blood that has united our family for millennia. We too often view Church history as the story of obscure aliens instead of the lives of brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers.
In this collection of forty-six brief biographies for children, Hannula sketches the stirring trials and triumphs of many famous and some lesser known figures in our family of faith--including Augustine, Charlemagne, Anselm, Luther, Bunyan, and C.S. Lewis. Through them we can begin to enjoy the old paths and find rest for our souls.

Depending on the age of your children, you may choose one of the books below (or read one aloud) and assign the other for older children as their own reading.

54484: The Light and the Glory for Children The Light and the Glory for Children
By Peter Marshall / Baker

Has America seen the last of its courageous Christian heroes? Put your kids on horseback with evangelist George Whitefield, in Valley Forge with president George Washington, and in many other historical places where believers stood for righteousness---and they'll be inspired to continue God's work in America! Includes study activities. For ages 9 to 12. 174 pages, softcover from Revell.

719425: The Light and the Glory, 1492-1793 The Light and the Glory, 1492-1793
By Peter Marshall & David Manuel / Baker

Did Columbus believe that God called him west to undiscovered lands? Does American democracy owe its inception to the handful of Pilgrims that settled at Plymouth? If, indeed, there was a specific, divine call upon this nation, is it still valid today?

The Light and the Glory answers these questions and many more for history buffs. As readers look at their nation's history from God's point of view, they will begin to have an idea of how much we owe to a very few--and how much is still at stake. Now revised and expanded for the first time in more than thirty years, The Light and the Glory is poised to show new readers just how special their country is.


Another excellent resource. This can also be used as a spine for an older child who is working through history on their own looking for an overview text written from a Christian perspective.

457840: The Kingfisher History Encyclopedia, Revised Edition The Kingfisher History Encyclopedia, Revised Edition
By Houghton-mifflin

The past never felt so present! Exploring world history throughout 10 chronological periods from 40,000 B.C. to 2003, this newly updated resource overflows with fascinating facts, in-depth articles, and at-a-glance summaries that bring the story of civilization to life. Brimming with lavish full-color artwork and punctuated with lists of important events---plus online links for further information---it offers a can't-put-down gallery of learning. (Includes some discussion of evolution.) 491 pages, hardcover.

Homeschool History Spinebooks on Trade and Empire

412995: The Story Of The World, Vol. 3: Early Modern Times The Story Of The World, Vol. 3: Early Modern Times
By Susan Wise Bauer / Peace Hill Press

Who was the Sun King? Why was Peter the Great so great? What was the Trail of Tears? From 1600 to 1850, the modern nations of the world were developing---and your students are there with this engaging read-aloud story of civilization. Learn about explorations, revolutions, discoveries, and inventions on every continent and across the seven seas! Ages 6 and up. Approx. 400 pages, softcover from Peace Hill.

860320: Story of the World, Vol. 3: Early Modern Times Activity Book Story of the World, Vol. 3: Early Modern Times Activity Book
By Peace Hill Press

This thick activity book accompanies the Story of the World's Early Modern Times textbook with fun ideas for each chapter. Recommended readings in Usborne and Kingfisher encyclopedias are provided before moving onto review questions (with answers given beneath in italics) and a narration exercise. Additional reading suggestions, map work, a coloring page, projects, crafts, and other activities are provided for a number of excellent research and hands-on projects. Create your own Scottish tartan, celebrate Guy Fawkes day, cook colonial pottage, make your own galleon, and make history come alive in many other fun ways! 164 pages, softcover. Maps, review cards, coloring pages, paperdolls, games and other supplemental materials provided. Pages are reproducible for in-home use only (not co-ops).

339177: The Story of the World Volume 3: Early Modern Times Audio CD Set The Story of the World Volume 3: Early Modern Times Audio CD Set
By Susan Wise Bauer, narrated by Jim Weiss / Peace Hill Press

The audiobook of The Story of the World's Early Modern Times: Volume 3, this 9-CD set contains over 11 hours of audio. Completely unabridged, students and parents will enjoy listening to the historical narration of what happened from Elizabeth I to the Forty-Niners. Read by Jim Weiss, this audiobook is an excellent addition to any history program. 11 hours on 9 CDs.

Written for younger children in a delightful narrative, A Child's History of the World is considered to be a classic written by V.M.Hillyer. However, it does begin in an evolutionary way.

Trade and Empire Homeschool Unit Studies

Are you interested in notebooking and making lapbooks? Well, this time period includes some exciting hands on project ideas and hands on learning for unit studies.

5007356: Native Americans Unit Study Native Americans Unit Study
By Kim Kargbo / Soli Deo Gloria Resources

Organized by geographic region, native peoples are studied in light of shared characteristics with a focus on a typically representative tribe. Five regions are covered, with legends, important persons, and other unique historical information for each shared. Timelines, maps, drawing, hands-on activities, crafts, food, puzzles, traditional legends and recommended living books will all help students develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for the first peoples of North America. Grades 1-4; paperback with comb binding.

We have enjoyed using this series before.

999015: History Pockets: Native Americans, Grades 1-3 History Pockets: Native Americans, Grades 1-3
By Evan-moor Educational Publishe

Bring history alive as students explore the fascinating past by making the interactive projects in History Pockets. Students store the projects in easy-to-make construction paper pockets that are wonderful portfolios for assessment and display.

History Pockets - Native Americans, contains nine memorable discovery pockets. The introduction pocket gives an overview of the tribes in North America that are featured. The other pockets focus on food, clothing, shelter, and family life of eight Native American tribes.

Each of the pockets contains:

  • a reproducible pocket label
  • three dictionary words and pictures, plus a shelter stamp
  • a fact sheet of background information for the teacher
  • a reproducible students information booklet complete with illustrations
  • arts and crafts projects
  • writing activities
Evaluation forms are provided at the end of the book to give students a chance to reflect on all they have learned. Grades 1-3. 96 pages.

22773: Native Americans, Intermediate Thematic Unit Native Americans, Intermediate Thematic Unit
By Teacher Created Resources

Thematic Units from Teacher Created Materials are literature based, cross-curricular, and ready to use. They provide activities for all areas of the curriculum, including math, science, language arts, social studies, physical education, art, and music. Each book offers two or more literature-based units and lesson plans plus cross-curricular activities and worksheets, a culminating activity, management ideas, and a bibliography. The books used in "Native Americans" (that will need to be purchased or borrowed) are: "Annie and the Old One" by Miska Miles "The Desert Is Theirs" by Byrd Baylor (poetry) "The Gift of the Sacred Dog" by Paul Goble. 80 reproducible pages with answers included. Softcover; for intermediate grades.

More Unit Studies can be found here:

Homeschooling Resources

Homeschool History Curriculum

Tapestry of Grace History Curriculum

Tapestry of Grace Year Two is called, "Your Guide from the Medieval World to the Modern."

Unit 3 of this Year Two program, begins with the founding of the thirteen colonies in North America. It covers the English civil war, Absolutism in Europe, and new France in America.

Read some Tapestry of Grace Reviews.

TruthQuest History

884008: TruthQuest History: Age of Revolution I (1600-1800) TruthQuest History: Age of Revolution I (1600-1800)
By Michelle Miller / Truth Quest History

History may seem murky, but only because we wrongly focus on the long corridor of human actions. History is really a door to God Himself!

God created mankind and his times. He is the initiator; we are the responders. So, it is first God's truths and then our responding beliefs which shape all of history: government, philosophy, art, architecture, literature, scientific thinking, economics, law, and the value placed on human life itself.

TruthQuest History opens the door to it all by bringing together worldview wisdom, literature recommendations, and chronology... all in a fascinating storyline of spiritual context!

How? Picture your family reclining in a comfy boat. The current of TruthQuest History carries you... because each topic has its own powerful commentary and reading list. Your children do not just visit times... they understand them! They do not just read... they see cause-and-effect truth!

Whatever your style, TruthQuest History can benefit you. It follows key Charlotte Mason and Classical resources, and assists unit-study and unschooling familes exploring an era. TruthQuest History even helps you teach your own theology and choose your own resources! Adaptable for all grades.

Spiral bound, appendices: list of cited resources, Think/Write Exercises teacher's notes.

TruthQuest HistoryMore TruthQuest History Products

TruthQuest History Reviews on my site

Diana Waring - Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries

This is a hands on approach - activities, audio CDs and more.

921790: Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries: Full Family Curriculum Pack Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries: Full Family Curriculum Pack
By Diana Waring / Answers In Genesis

Delve right into some of the most tumultuous times in history with Diana Waring's bestselling Romans, Reformers and Revolutionaries. Incorporating God's purpose alongside historical facts, students will learn to apply a biblical perspective to every aspect of the past. Technology, medicine, philosophy and theology were growing in leaps and bounds during the time from AD 30-1799; learn through hands-on activities, exciting reading selections, audio CDs and activities that will engage students of every learning style. Grades 6-12.

This Kit Includes:

  • Teacher's Guide
  • Student Manual
  • Testing Kit
  • Elementary Activity Book
  • What in the World?, Vol. 2
  • True Tales, Vol. 2
  • Digging Deeper, Vol. 2
  • Glory, Laud, and Honor CD
  • Mystery of History Curriculum - The Renaissance, Reformation and Growth of Nations (1455-1707)

    427066: The Renaissance, Reformation, and Growth of Nations (1455-1707) Student Reader, Volume 3 The Renaissance, Reformation, and Growth of Nations (1455-1707) Student Reader, Volume 3
    By Linda Lacour Hobar / Bright Ideas Press

    The years of the Renaissance and Reformation were years of growth and change for both the world and the church. The Mystery of History, Volume III presents the years 1461-1707 through Christ-centered lens, exploring the backdrop to and significance of major cultural and historical events, alongside events in the history of Christianity. Moving through time chronologically, achievements in art, music, literature, science and philosophy are studied using a Classical approach, with an emphasis on reading, writing, research and hands-on activities. 464 pages, full color illustrations. The Mystery of History Volume 3 Companion Guide Guide includes the activities, quizzes, tests, reproducible maps, teacher information, book lists, and everything else that is not the lesson.

    Waiting for the Mystery of History Vol. III? We don't want you to have to have any delay! Download the first Four Mystery of History III chapters for free!

    427067: The Renaissance, Reformation, and Growth of Nations (1455-1707) Companion Guide: The Mystery of History 3 The Renaissance, Reformation, and Growth of Nations (1455-1707) Companion Guide: The Mystery of History 3
    By Linda Lacour Hobar / Bright Ideas Press

    Waiting for the Mystery of History Vol. III Reader? We don't want you to have to wait to start your school-year! Download the first Four Mystery of History Reader chapters for free!

    This companion guide accompanies The Mystery of History Volume 3 Student Reader, and contains the material to accompany the lessons. Pre-tests, hands-on/research activities, timeline instructions, mapping work, memory cards, quizzes, worksheets, tests, and an extensive booklist for additional literature about the time period are all included.

    427068: The Mystery of History Volume 3 Companion Guide:  Curriculum and Student Activities Family License CD-Rom The Mystery of History Volume 3 Companion Guide: Curriculum and Student Activities Family License CD-Rom
    By Bright Ideas Press

    Round out your Mystery of History III program with this companion CD-ROM that includes student activities--just print and enjoy! Maps, quizzes, and all the material found in the paperback Mystery of History Companion Guide (paperback) is found here for those who prefer the printing capabilities. This companion CD-ROM is designed to be used with the sold-separately Mystery of History Volume 3, The Renaissance, Reformation, and Growth of Nations Student Reader.

    Veritas Press History and Bible Cards - We use these cards with every time period we study.

    Historical Primary Sources

    Hands-On-Project Books for Trade and Empire

    Also see the Unit Studies

    026581: Colonial Life: Time Travelers on CD-ROM

    Colonial Life: Time Travelers on CD-ROM
    By Homeschool In The Woods

    Hands-on activities provide excitement, additional reinforcement and a chance for creativity to meld with learning; get all the ideas you need for your colonial life study with History Study Time Travelers: Colonial Life ! With text pages, project overview pages, lap book projects, recipes, science experiments, notebook timeline & activities, factfile cards, three-dimensional and final projects and more, you'll never run out of crafts and activities that are perfect for you lesson plans. Photo and drawings illustrate the directions for ultimate ease-of-use. This CD-ROM includes:


  • 25 Lesson Plans with history, science & more!
  • Multiple projects to accompany each lesson
  • Masters needed for all projects
  • Reading material for each lesson
  • Additional Resources List
  • Teacher Helps & Key
  • Guide at a Glance

    Windows and Macintosh Compatible; Acrobat Reader Required.

  • 61683: Colonial Days: American Kids in History Series Projects, Games, Activities and Recipes Colonial Days: American Kids in History Series Projects, Games, Activities and Recipes
    By David C King / John Wiley & Sons

    Colonial Massachusetts. The best way to learn about it is to "live" there! Your children will join young Nathan and Sarah Mayhew on their farm in 1732. Education becomes hands-on fun as kids "do as the colonists do" in year-round activities such as making a model weathervane, baking bread, dipping candles, and playing Jackstraws. Over 40 projects! Ages 8 to 12. 112 pages, softcover from Jossey-Bass.

    972026: History Through the Ages CD-Rom Set Creation to Present History Through the Ages CD-Rom Set Creation to Present
    By Homeschool In The Woods

    Timelines are a wonderful way to see all history at a glance! They help visualize the procession of time and how one event spurts on another. They also help you see history by the slice - what was happening at various places in the world at the same time. Timelines help the most visual of learner grasp the abstract idea of "time" in a hands-on way.

    Your kinesthetic learner will benefit from the cutting and coloring of figures. They are wonderful for the auditory learner as each figure has a descriptive text to remember key points of each person or event. Best of all, they inspire a love of learning about the people and events that made a mark in the world, reinforcing that knowledge by taking part in putting the "puzzle" of history together.

    CD 1 includes PDF pages of all the figures in the History Through the Ages Timelines sets:

    • Creation to Christ
    • Resurrection to Revolution
    • Napoleon to Now
    • America's History
    CD 2 includes:
    • For advanced projects, a gallery of GIFS of more than 1,260 timeline images
    • Over 30 helpful categories, stored in web browser format: chronological, alphabetical, and several classifications that help make topical studies a breeze!
    Windows® and Macintosh® Compatible. Acrobat® Reader Required.
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