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Top Homeschooling Resources for Art

What are the best homeschooling art resources? Books and Curriculum

Here you will find my collection of favourite Homeschooling Resources in Art designed to inspire the Homeschooling Family.These Art homeschooling Resources, books, curriculum, and read-alouds have either been used personally by our family (see Ways to Teach Art ), what we are hoping to use or what has been highly recommended.

Living Books to teach Art

The absolutely best way to study art history is to read historical fiction, living books! Combine art with the historical time period you are studying.

Artistic Pursuits

On my Artistic Pursuits page, I have described what I like about these books and the art curriculum. I will not repeat myself here, but encourage you to have a look for yourself to see if it will suits your children, their ages and will be appropriate to the way you want to teach art.

Barry Stebbing Homeschooling Resources for Art

I have used both "I can do all Things" and "Feed my Sheep" Art homeschooling resources from Barry Stebbing and I have found them to be excellent. My chidren sometimes draw while I am reading aloud and these have been easy to use - good instructions and important art techniques are covered. I have not used the DVDs, but I can see that these would really add to an art curriculum.

Although I haven't used it, God and the History of Art sounds very interesting and appealing - it is a 5 year curriculum!

783112: The Great Artist: Romantics & Realistics, DVD Set

The Great Artist: Romantics & Realistics, DVD Set
By Kultur International Films

The Great Artists chronicles the lives, times and work of the men whose genius has captivated the art world for generations. It also features expert commentary and analyses from leading authorities, art historians and scholars, new location footage and atmospheric re-creations. These six programs in The Great Artists series feature an in-depth look at the Romantics and Realistic. Approx. 300 minutes.


786565: God & Christian Artists

God & Christian Artists
By Barry Stebbing / How Great Thou Art

For years Stebbing has traveled extensively to teach art to homeschool students. Incorporating material and student samples from those sessions, this text provides a 69-lesson, one-year art course. Drawing and color theory are covered while exploring artistic periods and artists---Rembrandt, Fra Angelico, Millet, and others---who have used their talents to glorify God. Ages 8 to 13. 102 reproducible pages, spiralbound softcover.


787771: God & the History of Art Revised

God & the History of Art Revised
By Barry Stebbing / How Great Thou Art

Art historian Sister Wendy Beckett once said, "Looking at art is one way of listening to God." As your children journey through this 5-year curriculum, they're sure to hear God's voice along the way. More than 250 lessons blend art history with hands-on instruction in drawing and painting---and feature illustrations by homeschoolers. Includes 35 paint cards. Ages 10 and up. 454 reproducible pages, softcover.


Further Homeschooling Resources - Art Supplies

Apart from the great books to read aloud and the curriculum which helps to keep you on track, you need a bunch of great homeschooling resources to build up your art supplies cupboard.

These do not need to be expensive. I would suggest you get reasonable quality materials to begin with so that you will encourage your children to use it a lot. If everything you have is expensive, you will tend to keep it on the shelf and only take it out at special times.

What you really need is a bunch of paper, pencils, markers, large containers of paint which are all accessible. As the children mature in their art skills, you can be more particular about what you will purchase.

Artist quality pencils (such as the Derwent watercolour pencils), paint, pastels, oil pastels do vary and they are more costly.

So, when your children are ready and can handle the materials with care, you can spend a little more. I would buy them for birthday gifts. One year I remember buying a large set of watercolour pencils as a Christmas gift for the whole family.

You will also need odds and ends.  Homeschooling resources such as: Glue, adhesive tape, rulers, erasers.

You'll need to have a good supply of toilet rolls, old cereal boxes, cardboard and so on. Before you throw something away, ask yourself - could this be made into a sculpture? Yes - it's a messy time, but so worthwhile!

And lastly, you'll need something to store it in. Plastic crates or a set of drawers is fine. Whatever makes sense in your home with the space you have.

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