Find the best Homeschool History Curriculum and Spinebooks as you study Creation - Ancient Egypt

Over the years, we have enjoyed using various homeschool history curriculum.  I must admit, I do like to see what's out there and try my hand at different resources, and I'm just glad that we've been homeschooling for years and have had six children!  Great way to explore a range of curricula.

But, there's been a few favourites over the time - and ones that I use by picking out the bits I really like. Tapestry of Grace for example, is so comprehensive;  TruthQuest History Curriculum oozes with wonderful commentary; And Veritas Press have great flashcards we have used as tools!

Check these out below and make it fit you.  Remember, you are in charge - take what you like and don't become a slave to whatever you choose;  Make it fit you and your family;  And most of all, Enjoy the journey!

Also listed are great Spinebooks which can be used through the study of Ancient Egypt and Old Testament Studies.  This is a simple way of making your own curriculum by using a spine as the thread. 

Homeschool History Curriculum for this Time Period

Tapestry of Grace History Curriculum

Tapestry of Grace : Year One

Four units include:
  • The Books of Moses
  • All Governments are Established by God
  • Preparing the World for Its Savior
  • In the Fullness of Time

The first Year-Plan in the Tapestry four-year rotational study of the history and literature of the world covers the history of the world from the Creation to the Fall of Rome in 450 AD. Children pay special attention to the origin and nature of human civilizations, especially the great civilizations that form the foundations of our modern world.

More on Tapestry of Grace Curriculum here. Read some reviews.

TruthQuest Homeschool History Curriculum

884004: TruthQuest History: Ancient Egypt & Ancient Greece TruthQuest History: Ancient Egypt & Ancient Greece
By Michelle Miller / Truth Quest History

This thorough compendium of living books and picture books is arranged by subject and date, with grade levels clearly notated. Commentaries summarize and tie topics together as you go from book list to book list, analyzing what is called "life's two most critical questions: Who is God? And who then, is mankind?" Written directly to students in a very informal tone, they'll move through ancient Egypt and ancient Greece in chronological order; you have all the freedom in the world to pick and choose what books to use and how to integrate activities (reports, newspapers, building demonstrations...). It follows key Charlotte Mason and Classical resources, and assists unit-study and unschooling families exploring an era. May be adapted for all ages. 78 pages, softcover, spiral-bound with short writing activities and answers plus resource list.

More TruthQuest History Products

More information on  TruthQuest Homeschool History Curriculum here.  Read some reviews.

Mystery of History Curriculum

427044: Mystery of History, Volume 1 Mystery of History, Volume 1
By Linda Lacour Hobar / Bright Ideas Press

What was happening in China as the Israelites crossed the Red Sea? Who lived in North America at the time that Jeremiah wrote Lamentations? This Bible-centered curriculum interweaves Bible and Old World history to teach your students about God's sovereignty. Features user-friendly format, lively text, week-by-week lessons, quizzes and tests, cumulative review, projects and activities, timeline and mapping assignments, teaching tips, answer key, reproducible student pages, and more. It's classical in approach, chronological in order, and complete in scope! Grades 4 to 8. 471 pages, softcover from Bright Ideas.

More information on Mystery of History Curriculum

Veritas Press History Curriculum

What I really love about Veritas Press History are their great History Card Sets

Spinebooks to make History Come Alive

Now, if you decide you want to frame your own study, the best thing to do is to choose your spinebook. Consider using this as the thread that weaves your whole study. Over the years we have used all of these resources.  The first time around, I have read the books aloud and we have jumped off and done a whole lot of activities around the story.  Then, as they become older, they read the books for themselves.  

The Greenleaf Guide to Old Testament History

The Greenleaf Guide to Ancient Egypt (Greenleaf Guides) (Greenleaf Guides)

Story of the World

339012: The Ancient Times, Revised Hardcover The Ancient Times, Revised Hardcover
By Susan Wise Bauer / Peace Hill Press

Written in the straightforward, engaging style that has become Susan Wise Bauer's trademark, The Story of the World series covers the sweep of human history. This read-aloud series is designed for parents to share with elementary (grades 1-4) grade children. This series is also appropriate for grades 5-8 to do on their own. Volume I, Ancient Times includes the First Nomads, Egypt, the Jewish People, Abraham and Joseph, Hammurabi and the Babylonians, the Assyrians, Ancient China, Ancient Africa, Exodus, the Phoenicians, the Greeks and Rome. 338 pages, indexed with pronunciation key, chronology, geography, hardcover.

More Story of the World Products

Written for younger children, in a delightful narrative, "A Child's History of the World" is considered to be a classic written by V.M.Hillyer.  However, it does begin in an evolutionary way.

Pages to help you create your Homeschool History - Ancient Egypt Study

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