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Add Your Homeschool Blog

DYH Homeschooling Ebooks

Wondering what has been happening lately? The homeschooling blog contains the most recent activity, articles, and web pages which I have written and updated recently.

Keep your eye on what others have added to the Homeschool Gallery, Curriculum Reviews, New product descriptions, Top Ten Homeschool Ideas

Homeschool Freebies - Enter to win Teaching from Rest! the Best Homeschool Deals

Homeschool Freebies and Giveaways - latest 2016 homeschool competitions to win amazing curriculum and resources

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Now, until midnight November 30th, 2016, you will have a chance to buy and download any of my Design-your-homeschool.com ebooks for half the price!

You won't see this advertised on the Ebook pages, but anything you buy will be added into the cart and 50% taken off the total!

Includes the Ebooks on these pages: DYH Homeschooling Resources

and my Editable Printables!

Enjoy!! .... Marianne

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Learning Stages helps you focus on what is important in the Homeschool Context

Thinking about learning stages helps to focus our attention on the best teaching methods, what to focus on and real life learning in their stage.

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Preschool Homeschool - Without being overwhelmed!

Preschool Homeschool days don't need to be overly structured or organized. Here's the easy way to homeschool your preschooler without being overwhelmed!

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Artventure - Online Kids Art Classes

Based on the Australian National Curriculum, Artventure is a library of art classes for primary aged kids. It's easy and fun but best of all, adults don't

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Starry, Starry Night

This Starry, Starry Night free Unit Study is a great way to appreciate the art of Vincent van Gogh as well as learning about stars and constellations.

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Homeschooling Resources Art - Top Homeschool Art Curriculum

Top Art Curriculum Recommendations: Homeschooling Resources for art to inspire creativity in your family.

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Home school Curriculum Reviews - Design Your Homeschool

Before you buy home school curriculum for your family, read these homeschool curriculum reviews by homeschoolers who have used the curriculum themselves.

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Classical Christian Homeschoolers of Australia

We are a group of homeschool families in Richmond, NSW. We meet on Monday mornings for 3 hours of classically based homeschool classes including History,

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Good Calculators

This website provides a variety of online calculators, math and physics, engineering and conversion calculators. http://www.goodcalculators.com

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Homeschooling Resources - Homeschool Ebooks full of ideas and printables

Great collection of homeschooling resources, designed and used in our homeschool. Independent Learning Program, and Homeschool Printables in Language Arts Ebooks.

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Back to School Membership Sales from NotebookingPages.com

Back-to-School Membership Sale

SAVE $25 on Notebooking Pages LIFETIME Memberships
LIFETIME Memberships on sale for just $72!!! (3-month installment plan will be available ... $10, $31, $31)

LIFETIME Members receive all current & future notebooking products PLUS our 2 bonuses:

  • Bonus 1: 12 months free subscription to The Notebooking Publisher web-app
  • Bonus 2: $100+ Homeschool e-book package
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    Super Homeschool Giveaway from BrookdaleHouse

    It's that time of year. We are all working hard to get organized and planned for the new homeschool year. Sometimes as we work to get everything together for the new year, we can find ourselves overwhelmed and discouraged! That is why we are having this HUGE AWESOME AMAZING giveaway, to encourage homeschool moms as we head back to school!!

    This giveaway ends August 3, 2016!!

    Back To School Homeschool Mom Encouragement Giveaway!! Over $600 worth of goodies up for grabs, and THREE winners.

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    Online Home School - World of Exciting Possibilities

    Online Home School - exciting possibilities, different things to different families and each family chooses this option for their own unique reasons.

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    Alternative Homeschool Educators

    Alternative Homeschool Educators (ALT HS) is an all inclusive group in South Florida, serving mainly Broward County with some members in Palm Beach and

    Continue reading "Alternative Homeschool Educators"

    Homeschool Planner - Organizer for Day to Day 2016-2017

    Your Complete Homeschool Planner - DIY 2016-2017! the answer to your homeschool planning needs. Take the weekly stress out of organizing assignment checklists and meal ideas.

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    Must Read Homeschool Articles for encouragement and different perspectives

    Must Read homeschool articles for anyone considering homeschooling or the seasoned veteran. Here you will find them listed and categorized.

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    Homeschool Organziational Tips from the laundry to the kitchen table

    Homeschool Organizational Tips - How do you organize your home school life? Planning your school days, organizing meal, keeping a clean house - Great advice from veteran home school families

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    Travel Coasters from Little Passports

    When your teacher is your mother - you can combine Teacher Appreciation with Mother Appreciation and this is such a lovely idea from Little Passports. Creating coasters is a great way to enjoy adventure from the kitchen table. Little Passports are a fabulous way to explore the world within your own home as they open the world through wonderful activities and materials all sent to your child to open, explore and learn! (affiliate)

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    Free Drawing Book

    I've found this great free drawing book for kids! It is completely free and it is perfect for homeschooling kids to learn about drawing. The books use numbers and letters to teach the drawing so it is perfect for incorporating into writing and math lessons. Have a look - why not download it for free!

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    Free Homeschooling Resources for Math / Math websites / Math worksheets

    My favourite free homeschooling resources for math are listed here. Math worksheets and more. Do you have one you would like to add. It's free and easy to do!

    Continue reading "Free Homeschooling Resources for Math / Math websites / Math worksheets"

    Homeschool Planner Keep on Track 2016-2017

    2016-2017 Homeschool Planner -Keep on Track Home-school Planner is simple, yet stylish. It has all the pages you need for 2016-2017, ready to be printed; Just download and print it out;

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    Notebooking 10th Birthday Special

    Save $47 on LIFETIME membershipsfrom NOW through Friday,11:59pm (Pacific Time) April 29.

    And you'll save time too - as you're kids will enjoy these notebooking pages! Take advantage of the sale before it's gone!

    10th Birthday Membership Sale Event

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    A Reminder to Simplify

    Sometimes I need a reminder, and perhaps you do too. How to simplify homeschooling is much the same for all of life. Here are a few tips from within my pages.

    1. Follow your goals - and not someone elses so that you keep your focus and Be settled and have a relaxed home by not rushing around like crazy!are not led down 100 other garden path's you didn't decide on.

    2. Combine ages when it makes sense to do so. .

    3. Have fun - make memories - ditch stuff that is getting you down..

    4. Remember that "All of life is Education" and keep reminding yourself of that! You don't need to have workbooks out to feel like education happened that day!!.

    5. Don't compare yourself to others or your children to other people's children! You are unique, your children are unique and God knows that and rejoices in it! So just enjoy it!

    6.Simplify your life - Don't do every activity and don't drag your little ones around for the sake of an hour activity which benefits only one child.

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