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How do I start to Home school?  Begin Here:

Firstly, we need to begin with our Foundations. As you can see on the chart - our Foundations helps us to focus on the goals we set for our family. Our whole belief and value system gives us the overarching reasons as to why and what we intend to be teaching. This is the way that you can make the choices you will make to individualize your child's education. You may be tempted to copy what someone else is doing with their children, but having your goals in your mind, gives you direction for YOUR family.

Mini-Steps E-Courses - Sign Up Here

E-Courses are short email courses, sent over days or weeks to guide you through a specific topic. I am looking forward to adding more courses as step by step homeschool guides covering:

  • Developing Character Traits - Perseverance Goals;
  • How to Homeschool - the Step by Step E-Course
  • Creating a Vision for your Family
  • How "not" to homeschool - avoiding homeschool burnout!
  • Creating a Homeschool Schedule that works for you!
  • Building a Profitable Web Business - great for you or your homeschool teens!
  • ... and more

Character Goals: Top Reason to Homeschool!

Mini Steps - Perseverance
4 Day E-Course

Sign up for this 4 Day Mini Steps E-Course if you are interested in developing the character goal of perseverance in your children. 

What are some practical ways we can develop this character trait?  What are some curriculum applications that we can use from copywork to Math - that can develop a unit study around the goal of perseverance. 

4 Day E-Course;  From my email box to yours - sent over 4 days!

Perseverance - 4 Day E-Course

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Build a Profitable Web Business

Whether you are considering setting up your own web business, or creating a homeschooling course to teach your kids about business skills, this  Free 4 Week E-Course below will help you see how Sitesell has been helpful to me each step of the way.  This course also explains how those who love using WordPress can also benefit from Sitesell's Guide, Brainstorm Tools and more in a special plugin called,BizXpress!  This E-Course will be delivered to your email box. Each week has a different focus.

Build a Profitable Web Business -
4 Week E-Course

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