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What is the beauty of home schooling? Each unique child can thrive and develop according to their own gifts and talents. With more time on their hands, our children can pursue their hobbies, enjoy their creativity and grow.

What is your child's passion?
What do they pursue and just love to do?

Here you will find writing examples of children's work. Add your own writing example here or add a writing project idea at the Teaching Writing section of the gallery. Help make this a useful resource centre of writing ideas.

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If it is writing stories, poems, essays, jokes, and making wonderful lapbooks and notebooks..... This Kids Writing Gallery is the place to be.

Add to the Homeschool Kids Writing Gallery now. It's easy to do! Show us your notebooking pages or add a writing directly into the boxes below. Inspire others and be inspired!

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Give us a little snippet of your child's life.
Where and how do they shine?
It's okay to brag a them up... and show off their masterpiece!

Other Masterpieces

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History Notebooks - Reformation Notebook 
To make our History Notebooks, we use a large A3 spiral bound Art Diary. We decided to separate the time-line from the writing and drawing pages so …

Tayler's First Book 
Swamp Hen Farm - by Tayler. A story about a girl called Sharon who finds a baby Swamp Hen. (That's a type of bird). The baby swamp hen is hurt and …

Machine Guns, Mines and Poison Gas in WWI 
New Weapon Technology in World War I increased the death toll dramatically. The use of new effective machine guns, explosive mines and poison gas made …

Homeschool Writing and Poetry Not rated yet
An acrostic poem by DD10 on a subject very dear to her heart. :) C close together forever A always having fun M making campfires P putting the line …

Narration about the life of Louis Pasteur Not rated yet
This narration was written by my DD8 after we read aloud together, two different accounts of this scientist's life. She has uploaded the report to her …

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Some Children may really thrive using an 8 week one on one writing course from

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