Our Different Week

by Marianne
(Sydney, NSW, Australia)

I am going to try a different schedule for a week and see how it works.
Sometimes, you get a bit tired of what you are doing so we are going to try this:
I'm just thinking out aloud here - so if you have suggestions that would be great.

5 days: covering 5 different subject areas. Each day has a different subject area focus.

However, each day I will begin with Bible reading and memorization.
After that, the focus will be on the different subject area for that day. For example:

Monday: Literature, Language Arts - read literature aloud; Use this literature as a base for the day's work - copy, find appropriate spelling words, dictate a passage. Write your own ending. Use the style of the author and write your own story or paragraph. Create a story map of the chapter you read. Write the story again in your own words, but this time write it from the end to the beginning. "No one would have thought that...(end)...., but it happened because.....(to the beginning).
Add dialogue to the story. Remove dialogue from the passage; Make the story into a play, act it out. Dress up as one of the characters.
Play language arts games - spelling, word bingo, make a word find, word crossword..

Tuesday: Science - get into all those Science experiment books that sit on my shelf and try them out - either in one topic or any that takes our interest; Go for nature walks - add to our journal; Find specimens and research their scientific names; Work with a microscope; Read aloud from Science Books - Creation magazines;
Read their own Science books; Write a narration about an experiment or on something we learned.

Wednesday: Art and Music - Layout the Art materials - Look at Art prints and be inspired; Plan a whole range of art/craft activities from different art books or curricula. Go to the Library and find some art projects to take on. Get clay - model; Do the crafts you say you'd like to do sometime....
Listen to music - identify the musician and the time period. Close your eyes and try to identify some of the same themes that run through the pieces of music.
Play your instruments together...

Thursday: History - Read some historical fiction out aloud. Dress up as the characters. Research the time period. Draw a map of the area. Choose a few places, battles, characters that were mentioned in the story, research, read and write and draw about them. Display it in a poster, in a book or on this website. Memorize a famous speech from this time period.

Friday: Maths - Play Math games - UNO, Cards, Dutch Blitz, Monopoly; Go shopping - find the specials, calculate how much every item is per 100g to find the cheapest item; Make a weekly menu and do the cooking; Do some math drills in all operations learned already; Measure family members - make a wall chart; Calculate room areas - make a plan of the house; Go into the community and take a survey? Count the number of cars going down your road in 2 hours. Make it into a graph. Add up all the ages of people in your family. Work out when they were born. Make a graph of birthdays of your relatives - how many people in your wider family are born in January?

Well, what do you think?

Would something like this work in your home?
Any suggestions?


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Sep 14, 2008
Sounds interesting
by: Miriam

I don't think it would work as is but I bet tweaked a little a similar plan could. You know like Bible and Math daily. Then Day 1 do History and incorporate your writing / grammar into it from your history reading. Day 2 Science, Day 3 Art (perhaps write a short biography about the artist or why you decided to paint this or that). Day 4 Music, etc.

Just a thought.

Aug 20, 2008
Didn't really work for us
by: Anonymous

Well, It didn't really work out as I planned.
Sometimes it is nice to have a change and feel re-charged, but this didn't work for us.

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