A Land without Justice

by Brumby Ben
(Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler

Here's the next page on Hitler. As I am reading a book about Hitler by Albert Marrin, I will write some information about him, chapter by chapter and use the same chapter headings. I have appreciated reading this book and have used it as a source for my summaries. This book is over 200 pages, and it is really worth the read.

He's a nasty guy.

Hitler's world was terrible.
Whatever you said or did, Hitler's agents would know about: If you raised your arm to salute Hitler, or not; Hitler's Agents would know whether you smiled, cried or were firm. If you said something to your wife about Hitler, you could be dragged away. These Agents could be dressed up as a fisherman, soldier, merchant, beggar, school boy, washer woman, scholar, builder, or others. People would dob you in. Anyone could- your friend, worker, even your own children, maybe your wife.

WHERE would you go? You probably wouldn’t go to court. But if you did, the defense party would be against you. So you don’t have much chance. If you did go to court or not, and the Nazis wanted to know something that you know they will torture you with all the old Medieval torture systems and also new ones. After that, if you survived you would go to a concentration camp or if you didn’t go to a torture chamber you would have to go there any way where you were fed such a small amount so you were just alive. You needed to patrol, march, work and lots of other things for a bread crust. They also had many tortures such as standing in a short room so you can’t stand up or the chamber wasn’t wide enough to sit down. Another was to stand in the snow all night, naked.

Hitler's World was terrible. All his commanders were just as bad. But he still acted like a child. He built toy castles with toy blocks and armies with toy soldiers. He destroyed them with toy cannons. He flew into a rage any time he was angry and then he hit the floor and chewed the carpet.

My Pages on Hitler:
Page 1: Young Adolf Hitler
Page 2: The Path to Power
Page 3: A Land without Justice
Page 4: The March of Conquest
Page 5: Operation Barbarossa
Page 6: Slave Empire
Page 7: Smashing the Third Reich

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Feb 19, 2008
by: Anonymous

For a twelve year old Brumby you have given me hope for my own children who are being homeschooled. Your talent for writing stands out and I am glad you have the enviroment to nurture this gift.

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