Slave Empire

by Brumby Ben
(Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Blue is Extermination Camp,  Red is concentration camp, Yellow is Extermination camp.

Blue is Extermination Camp, Red is concentration camp, Yellow is Extermination camp.

Here's the next page on Hitler after Operation Barbarossa. This is about his conquered world and what he does with it. As I am reading a book about Hitler by Albert Marrin,, I will write some information about him, chapter by chapter and use the same chapter headings. I have appreciated reading this book and have used it as a source for my summaries. This book is over 200 pages, and it is really worth the read.

Hitler withdrew out of the cold Russian winter. He needed more men now to defeat the last two European countries, Great Britain and Russia. He needed more food to keep his armies moving. He needed more cannons, artillery and tanks. So, in order to get these things done, he made his empire (bigger than Julius Caesar's and Napoleon's empires) a slave empire. He was bringing into his country any thing valuable, tons of food and now people. Towns, in the taken countries, had massive ghettos. The people went into those ghettos and then boarded onto a train. The train didn't have enough room for all the people and there were no windows. It was just a boxcar that normally would be taking cattle. These people arrived at the station and were pushed out into the camp. Lots of people didn't make the entire train trip and died in the train because of the lack of food, because they were not fed on the way down, a two day to one week trip.

Once unloaded, the people were put in two lines. The healthy on one side, the old and unhealthy on the other. The unhealthy and old went into this massive chamber and then poison gas was poured in. Thousands died. The other people worked in the factories and farms earning nothing except a crust of bread for the whole day's work. If you failed and fell down, the German soldiers would kill you, or they would make you dig your own grave, then shoot you and you would fall in.

Then the normal Germans, Hitler's "Great Race", started to turn against him. People wrote on walls, "We want freedom." People where horrified at the site of the killings. Hitler then ordered the massive killings of the Jews : "The Holocaust." Hitler killed thousands upon thousands of people.

His empire was beginning to crumble just like Napoleon's and Caesar's Empires eventually did.

My Pages on Hitler:
Page 1: Young Adolf Hitler
Page 2: The Path to Power
Page 3: A Land without Justice
Page 4: The March of Conquest
Page 5: Operation Barbarossa
Page 6: Slave Empire
Page 7: Smashing the Third Reich

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May 26, 2009
Naming the Source
by: Brumby Ben

Hi Diego,
Thanks for your comments. I had stated in my first page on Hitler that I was reading a book about Hitler and was using this a basis of my summaries for the following pages to come. I wasn't plagiarizing his ideas, just using his book as a source for a summary. After all, each of his chapters is over 30 pages long and I have written just a few paragraphs in my own words, of what I read and what struck me.

However, I take your comments on board and have now included the Book Title, Author and link to the book. I heartily recommend this book to others and will do so when I complete my History Resources page on the World Wars.

It is good to be reminded that even a young writer needs to list his sources.

May 26, 2009
by: diego

its sad that you had to plagurize the biography of adolf hitler by marinn

Oct 12, 2007
great story!
by: lawson

Very sad that he would do something like that... poor people...
makes u kind of shudder!

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