The March of Conquest

by Brumby Ben
(Sydney, NSW, Aus)

Here's Hitler's Favourite Tank: The Panzer Tank

Here's Hitler's Favourite Tank: The Panzer Tank

As I am reading a book about Hitler by Albert Marrin, I will write some information about him, chapter by chapter and use the same chapter headings. I have appreciated reading this book and have used it as a source for my summaries. This book is over 200 pages, and it is really worth the read.

Hitler’s march of conquest started by conquering old German territories. He then wanted Rhineland. And he got it without a shot. Then he directed his armies to Austria, his homeland. He placed his men on the border. The allies worried about that another war would start. So they (France and Great Britain) gave part of Austria to the Germans. After that he moved his men into the capital of Austria. Seeing that he had no chance, the governor surrendered, and Hitler moved in.

Next his focus went to Poland - a large weak country. They had taken some of Germany’s land after World War I. So Hitler got it back. He moved his men to the border, and then rushed in. The Polish defenders were knocked back. His Panzer Tanks knocked down everything on the ground with all his artillery. Troops backed them up and Airplanes over head bombed major villages and towns. Poland was defeated in weeks. With no strong defenses it fell very quickly.

Not so with France! They had big cannons along the border so only their tops showed. Those cannons would kill many of Hitler’s men and spill lots of blood. Hitler didn’t think that way was the good way. Instead he would attack Belgium and the Netherlands. He would come in the back way to France. Netherlands and Belgium had soldiers but not enough to protect themselves against Hitler’s invading forces. Germany swept through the countries, destroying anything in their way. The road to Paris was free. Soon all France would be taken.

The last ally army in France was being pushed into the English Channel. The German armies where circling in on them. They where outnumbered and the only hope was in Great Britain across the English Channel. In Great Britain the English ships were all flooding down the rivers to the Channel. Most Royal Warships, fishing boats, merchant ships, cruisers came to help. They flooded across the English Channel picking up the Allies in France. When Hitler’s army knew, the Lufwaffe flew across bombing the little ships, sinking plenty, but they still came back picking up most of the Army.

The Battle of Britain happened next. The Germans wanted Britain - the last of the allied countries in Europe. Hitler attacked Norway and defeated it. He now could fly his Lufwaffe into Great Britain from most sides. The operation Sea Lion began. Hitler aimed his bombers at the British aircraft bases and destroyed some of them. This time the British planes came flying out of these bases and fought the German fighters and bombers. Women played a leading role in this battle. As pilots died the women took their place. They made the Anti-Air machine guns work. The airplanes and supply of pilots was running low. The British had to do something. A German bomber then bombed a town. So Winston Churchill’s bombers attacked Berlin. Hitler became angry and said, “If they attack my cities, I’ll attack there’s”. His bombers attacked the cities, mostly London. So the British Airplanes were now produced in mass production. Germany then fought a losing battle.

As for the Londoners many were killed, but Britain has many subways, and that is where they hid.

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