Smashing the Third Reich

by Brumby Ben
(Sydney, NSW, Australia)

He are some of Allies planes which helped destroy Germany

He are some of Allies planes which helped destroy Germany

Here is my last page on Hitler. As I am reading a book about Hitler by Albert Marrin,, I will write some information about him, chapter by chapter and use the same chapter headings. I have appreciated reading this book and have used it as a source for my summaries. This book is over 200 pages, but it is worth the read.

Hitler had defeated most of Europe. He tried to defeat Russia and England and failed. He didn't have enough men to try again. America was also coming into the war. The war was going to end, like every other war. Hitler had the biggest European empire ever. But It had to fall just like Napoleon and Caesar, and it did.

America arrived and pushed the Nazis out of Africa. The British air force was supreme and adventurous. Russia was on the Border looking greedily at the masses of land Germany had taken. Germany hadn't enough men and weapons to defend all their borders. The coast of France had massive Anti Aircraft guns, piercing the planes that tried to cross. Germany's ally, Italy, was hopefully defending the Mediterranean sea.

America tricked Germany by putting a case full of pretend papers on the shores of France, tricking the Nazis that the Americans would attack Greece. Instead they attacked Sicily and Italy. The Italians didn't like the war and wanted to give up, but the Germans didn't let them. When the Rome gave in the people celebrated.

Great Britain set up massive amount of tents, pretend tanks(which could be popped with a needle!)and plenty of planes in the middle of England opposite the shores of Denmark and Norway, as another trick and Hitler fell for it. He moved his forces to Denmark and Norway. Then the British attacked the coast of France. They slowly pushed back the Germans with Aircraft, the navy and soldiers it was FULL ON. Hitler didn't want to lose this precious spot,so he told his Generals to not retreat. They didn't, then they died. Then Generals wrote back saying, "We aren't retreating, no one's retreating, since we're all dead."

Then Germany slowly crumbled into a pile of rubble. The British air force hit Germany hard. They bombed their hearts out. The German towns where places of rubble and the cities were destroyed.

The Russians attacked on the last side and took back the territories Germany took from them and pushed into Poland and took Warsaw and pressed towards Germany and Berlin. The Russians had help in the Air (British) help with ground troops (Americans) and help from the people (Polish,Germans and Franks. The Russians took Berlin and found it was full of rubble like most of their towns. The Russians met up with the Americans and the war was over.

When Hitler's empire began to crumble, Hitler began to regret that he had helped Germany, since he thought they weren't fighting for their country well enough. He and his wife killed themselves as Germany and Berlin was getting attacked. Lots of other Germans killed themselves. The Allies were amazed at all the concentration camps and the massive graveyards. So the worst war ended, ending the life of Adolf Hitler.

The End

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Oct 23, 2007
by: Liam porter

Hi Ben,

I really liked the history about Hitler. I loved how they killed themselves, because they were scared.

From Liam.

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