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This page is a treasure of free homeschool activities and lesson plan ideas.  If you are wondering what others have done or what has worked in someone else's home - this is the place to be.

Do you have an idea that really worked well for your family?  Add it under the appropriate heading and please add a photo!  A photo tells a thousand words and we'd love to see your family in action.

Do you have some super reading strategies that worked with your children or is there a free homeschooling resource that you would like to recommend?  Do it here.

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When you are new at homeschooling, you may be tempted to think that there is just one way.  You might stick to one book and honestly, it might work really well for you.

But personally speaking, and from my experience with other families, I have found that over time, you look beyond the first curriculum you have bought and try some new ideas.  Perhaps it worked well for the first child, but the second child just thinks in a completely different way. 

These homeschool activities are things that other homeschool families have done and put into practice.

There are other ideas which I have gleaned from the internet as really good ideas - a good use of a video, a great explanation, a lesson plan that makes us think out of the box, as well as some really great project based learning ideas.  

If you have a great idea which other families would benefit from, please share it here. We love new ideas!

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