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This page is a treasure of free homeschool activities and lesson plan ideas.  If you are wondering what others have done or what has worked in someone else's home - this is the place to be.

Do you have an idea that really worked well for your family?  Add your idea at the bottom of this page and check out what is working for other homeschool families.

Bible Activities

How do you teach your children to love God's Word?
What does your family devotions look like?
Is there a resource you have loved using?
Do you memorize Scripture? How?  How have you encouraged personal devotions in your home?
What Bible projects or crafts have you made? Here's some ideas.

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Explore the Bible 
XTB (Explore the Bible) is a series of workbooks designed for children in the lower primary ages. It is originally British, but has been redone for an …

Bible Curricula? Not rated yet
We've tried "Bible curricula" in the past, and they always hit a roadblock. They seemed to lack "life" to us, and my guys just finally asked me, "Mom, …

Bible Flashcards, God, and Life Learning Not rated yet
We have used the Abeka Bible story flashcards for these and other activities, but having your children create their own - to be used at home or in your …

Bible Memorization Not rated yet
Since we want our children to store up Bible verses in their heart, we memorize verses from an early age. As the child gets older, the passages become …

Memory Aids

Memory Aids are ways for the brain to associate information to a picture such as a letter or a number. This can be done with rhymes which give the brain a framework to store and hook new information. This happens since it seems the brain is a pattern seeking device looking for associations between the information which is already stored and the new information which is being acquired.

Over many years, there have been numerous mnemonic aids which teachers, university lecturers, parents and scholars have used, made up of funny, ingenious and quirky rhymes or word plays which help us remember information which otherwise would not enter our long term memory.

"i before e, except after c."

"Thirty days have September, April, June and November..."

Perhaps you have made a quirky rhyme, song or chant to help your children remember some fact. Share it with us here.

Other Tips and Tricks about Remembering Stuff..

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Over and Over Again? 
I don't know if this counts as a memory aid but here (with three aged 6,5 and almost 4) I tend to just go over and over things. For example we have learned …

Star Wars - count by 2 Not rated yet
Counting by 2s - with Star Wars (to the tune of jingle bells) Yoda Yoda Yoda counts by 2's 2,4,6,8,10 and 12 14,16,18, and 20 Yoda Yoda Yoda …

Great Lakes, the Grand Canyon, and Music Not rated yet
There's the well-known trick to remember the names of the North American Great Lakes- HOMES: H- Huron O- Ontario M- Michigan E- Erie S- Superior …

Longest Rivers of the World Not rated yet
Even though some geographers disagree with the exact length of the two longest rivers - the Nile and the Amazon, this acronym can be useful to …

Math Activities

One of the most exciting times we have as parents is when we witness the exciting, "Light Bulb" moments. The moment your child makes the connection! The moment their eyes light up and they say, "Now, I get it!!!" If you have had those moments alongside your child, you will know the pleasure it gives a homeschooling parent. We would miss out on those times, if we weren't working side by side with them over the difficult issues.

Tell us about the "Light Bulb" moments you have had with your child below.  Inspire fellow home schoolers with your idea!

Tell us your "Light Bulb" experience
in Maths.

It's so exciting when our child's eyes light up because they have finally caught on to a Maths concept. Share your story and strategy with us.

History Project Ideas

Project Ideas:

How do you pass on the excitement of teaching history and the stories of History?
Do you use a time-line? What does your time-line look like?
Do you keep a File or Notebook? Tell us how.

What History divisions do you use?
Do you teach chronologically? How?
Have you made Lapbooks?

What's your favourite homeschooling resource for history?

How do you develop a love of History in your children?

Share your best homeschool history idea, activity or resource which helps you develop a love of history in your children.

Science Activities

Art Lesson Plans

When you are new at homeschooling, you may be tempted to think that there is just one way.  You might stick to one book and honestly, it might work really well for you.

But personally speaking, and from my experience with other families, I have found that over time, you look beyond the first curriculum you have bought and try some new ideas.  Perhaps it worked well for the first child, but the second child just thinks in a completely different way. 

These homeschool activities are things that other homeschool families have done and put into practice.

There are other ideas which I have gleaned from the internet as really good ideas - a good use of a video, a great explanation, a lesson plan that makes us think out of the box, as well as some really great project based learning ideas.  

If you have a great idea which other families would benefit from, please share it here. We love new ideas!

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