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Before you begin to choose a homeschool math curriculum you need to know what you want to look for. Here's some questions to help you.

  • Firstly need to answer the question as to when you should start formal maths. Delaying "formal" maths can make a lot of sense. Remember to play all sorts of games and live in the real world with your children - cooking, shopping, measuring - mathematical skills which happen naturally in our lives.
  • Are you looking for a homeschool math curriculum which moves through all the ages?
  • Spiral or Vertical Approach? See the Homeschool Maths Overview to understand what this means.
  • Consumable or re-usable - what's your preference? Will this be a textbook you are hoping to pass on to other children?
  • Are you looking for a curriculum which uses manipulatives?
  • How much teacher involvement and preparation? Some programs are written to help the parent to be involved, other math curriculum is written as a text to the home-schooled student.
  • Self-paced?
  • DVD or video maths program? This may be beneficial to auditory and visual learner.
  • Is there some Math Software which can complement and reinforce their learning in a fun and meaningful ways? See below.

When selecting a math curriculum its important to know the key math topics that are of primary importance in each grade. Be sure to visit Sensible-Math-Education for K-12 math guidance on what topics your children should focus on, and master, for math success. 

The Homeschool Math Curriculum page is organized according to the years covered by each Math Curriculum.

Lastly, I've added our favourite curriculum - what we've enjoyed using as a family, and why.

K-3 (Early Math)

Miquon Math: The Orange Book--Level 1 Grade 1

Miquon Math: The Orange Book--Level 1 Grade 1
By Key Curriculum Press

Miquon Math Orange Book is the first book in the Miquon Math Series, which is designed to be used with Cuisenaire Rods. Taking a hands-on approach to math, it's adaptable to any age, but is especially geared towards younger scholars. Each page is a different activity, based around topics such as: Counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, fractions, equalities and inequalities, number lines, functions, geometric recognition, length, area, volume and time telling. Softcover, pages are perforated.

More Miquon Math Products

RightStart Mathematics Read more here.

RightStart Mathematics uses the AL Abacus to provide a visual, auditory, and kinesthetic experience. (K-4) hands on, visual program


New Signpost Maths Books from K-6. The K-6 books join New Signpost Mathematics 7,8,9 and 10 to promote a smooth transition in mathematics from Primary to Secondary school.

Developmental Math (1-9)

Developmental Math, Level 1, Student Workbook

Developmental Math, Level 1, Student Workbook
By Mathematics Programs Associate

Early learners will be grounded in the concept of the number recognition by doing the lessons in this 80 page workbook, which includes student progress record chart. For early elementary grades.

Horizon Maths from Alpha Omega (K-6)

Horizons Math, Grade K, Student Workbook 1
By Alan Christopherson / Alpha Omega Publications

Full-color student workbook for the first half of the kindergarten math curriculum. Includes 80 lessons.

Professor B Mathematics Program (K-5+Algebra)


Making Math Meaningful (K-6) Algebra, Geometry

Making Math Meaningful, Level 1
By Cornerstone Curriculum

In this series your children will: learn to reason, learn the math facts, learn to solve word problems, really understand math ideas, and finally have fun doing math. Making Math Meaningful is perfect for all learning styles. There are activities using manipulatives for kinesthetic learners, activities using natural conversations for auditory learners, and activities using pictures for visual learners. The lesson plans are clear and easy to use. The student book is a workbook. The pages are not reproducible.

This set includes the Student Book and the Teacher's Guide. Grade 1 covers comparison sentences, order sentences, equalizing sentences, and addition and subtraction sentences.

Mastering Mathematics (1-6)(7-8)

Math on the Level Math on the Level is a complete K-8 homeschool math curriculum designed specifically for the home learning environment. (K-8)-family life-focus

Right Start Mathematics (K-4) hands on, visual program
RightStart Geometry (5-8)(Intermediate Math - Geometry)

K-12 (all years covered)

Math U See - Read the curriculum description; Add your review.

Saxon Math- incremental with continual review

Saxon Math 1, Home Study Kit

Saxon Math 1, Home Study Kit
By Saxon / Saxon Publishing

The Math One Home Study Kit teaches children to skip count by one's, two's, five's and tens, identify ordinal position to tenth, master all basic addition and subtraction facts, measure using inches, feet, and centimeters. Also teaches how to add quarters, draw polygons, and observe information from real graphs, pictographs, and bar graphs.

This Kit Includes:

  • Teacher's Manual, 730 pages, spiral-bound
  • Student's Meeting Book
  • 2 Student Workbooks/Fact Cards

Singapore Math

Read a curriculum description and add your own review!

Singapore Math: Primary Math 3rd Edition Workbook 1B P 1

Singapore Math: Primary Math 3rd Edition Workbook 1B P 1
By Inc

Singapore Primary Math Workbooks, 3rd Edition are consumable and should be used in conjunction with the 3rd Edition Coursebooks. Containing the exercises the student does independently, workbooks provide the practice essential to skill mastery. A variety of exercises are presented, from pictorial to abstract. This workbook accompanies Primary Math, 3rd Edition Coursebook 1B. 88 pages, softcover.

More on A Beka on this website

Alpha Omega Lifepacs

More on Alpha Omega on my site.

Kindergarten Math, Lifepac Gold Curriculum

Kindergarten Math, Lifepac Gold Curriculum
By Alpha Omega Publications

Give your kindergartners a solid learning foundation in mathematics! The LIFEPAC Gold system explains the principles of numbers in an exciting format that helps your kids develop analytical skills and a biblical mindset. A wide variety of activities introduces your kids to number recognition, subtraction, addition, directions, values, and more. This boxed set includes two colorful student books and a comprehensive teacher's guide.

Upper Highschool

These Homeschool Math Curriculum Providers may be adding more products and Years to their curricula, so check their websites for more information.

Life of Fred

Elementary Life of Fred books are now available.

You can begin Life of Fred from the early years, but there is no hurry to begin the series.  As a parent, you have ten or eleven years to gradually introduce addition, multiplication and long division.  By the time your child is in, say, the fifth grade, the addition and multiplication facts will be memorized if it is gradually taught over the years.

       What's to be avoided is beating the addition and multiplication tables into the child's head. Then, as the author says, " Life of Fred: Fractions is a reward for learning the tables." You could being Life of Fred at the Fractions book if you like.

Teaching Textbooks (Years 4 - Pre-Calculus) Read more here.

Algebra 2: Teaching Textbooks, Updated Edition

Algebra 2: Teaching Textbooks, Updated Edition
By Greg Sabouri & Shawn Sabouri / Teaching Textbooks Inc

Designed specifically for homeschoolers, this packet includes a spiral bound 753 page teaching textbook, Answer Key & Test Bank Workbook, set of 4 Lecture and Practice CD's, set of 6 Solutions CD's, and a test solutions CD.

CD System Requirements:
For PCs:

  • A CPU of 133 MHz or faster
  • Windows 98 or later operating system
  • 4x CD-ROM Drive
  • Speakers 

For Macs:

  • A CPU of 211 MHz or faster
  • A Mac OS 9.0 or later
  • A 4x CD-ROM Drive
  • Speakers

Ask Dr Callihan with CDroms- Geometry, Algebra 2 with Trigonometry, Calculus

Harold Jacobs Math books - Buy these books at Dr.Callihan

On-line Math Curriculum

Math Power - computer tutoring/ learning software

Time4learning (K-8)

Spiral Math Curriculum

If you'd like some more information on Spiral, Horizontal/Vertical approach to teaching Homeschool Math ... Go to the Maths Overview.

Vertical/Horizontal Approach to Math

Developmental Math (1-9)- self-teaching workbooksdevelopmental math
Professor B Mathematics Program (K-5 +Algebra)
Ask Dr Callihan with CDroms- Harold Jacobs Algebra & Geometry, Algebra 2 with Trigonometry, Calculus
Video Text Algebra - video, animated lessons (9-12)

What we have enjoyed using

Some of you may be wondering what we have used through the years.I have used Math-U-See for a long time now and I love the thoroughness of explanations and also the focus on understanding through manipulatives. This program certainly helped me consolidate many maths ideas and concepts and has made me a better teacher.

We love playing a simple yet effective game with the Math-U-See blocks at home using dice. We call it the "100 game" and each child rolls the dice and picks up the correct block according to the number of the die, adding on more with each roll. As they go on, they need to swap the 8 and 3 for one ten and one unit and so on. The game continues until one child reaches 100 and has covered their whole 100 block.

We have also enjoyed many of the Math Games which I listed on the side bar as my favourite math games. Basically, they are fun games to play and along the way you learn important math concepts.

For the upper grades we have used Harold Jacobs Textbooks which are written in a very interesting style. 

We are currently using Teaching Textbooks for Algebra and Geometry. I have found these to be especially useful to our family, because I feel as though the older children have their own private teacher (on CD - explaining every example if needed) while I have spent more time with the younger ones.

We have also just begun to use the Life of Fred series, which I wholeheartedly recommend. They are a lot of fun, very interesting and certainly comprehensive!

And lastly, some of my children have really benefitted from the Harold Jacob's books. They really describe the new math concept logically and in detail and then the practice exercises reinforce both old work and the new material in the lesson. I find this a very thorough approach and love working through this book with my children.

As always, your family is unique and the needs of your children are unique, so investigate Homeschool Math choices by making decisions according to the questions at the top of the page keeping your unique family in mind.

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