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Teaching Home school Math? Excited? Anxious? This page is the overview page of all my home school math pages. I have written about math living books, ways to teach math (the overview), the skills of math you want to cover, use of music and songs in math, and a variety of home school math curriculum. Check out the pages below and if you get lost - this is the best page to find your way around again.

What really makes a home school math curriculum? Check out these Math Resources:

Home School Math Overview

home school math overview

Math Living Books

best math software

Free Math Resources

Free Homeschooling Math Resources!

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Math Living Books

math story books

Math Worksheets

math worksheets

Home School Math Ideas

home school math ideas

Curriculum and Resources

home school math curriculum

Home School Math Skills

Math Skills and Math Strands - the Big Picture of what to teach and when.

Am I on the right track?

Practical Math Ideas

Making Math More Fun
- Math Games Package

Is A Practical,
Fun-Filled Resource For
Teachers And Parents.

math games
Math Game Ideas,
Board Game Ideas,
Card Games Click Here for more information!

How do I go about teaching Maths and designing a home school math curriculum?

Teaching math can be done in a boring way (just use the text, slave through 50 questions a day...) or it can be done using a variety of techniques in order to develop better understanding of math in all of life. We need to aim to:

  • Use and Develop Mathematical Vocabulary
  • Use Maths in the real world
  • Use Music
  • Use the art of Narration
  • Use concrete manipulatives
  • Use pictures
  • Use abstract symbols
  • Use Games

Home school Math Curriculum Description and Reviews

Have you used this home school math curriculum? Add your opinion here and help other homeschoolers in their homeschool math curriculum choice. Let us know what you've enjoyed about the curriculum textbooks and how you have supplemented the math text.

More Homeschool Math Resources

  • Get a deep understanding of basic mathematics skills. Practice with interactive, top-notch basic math calculators and basic math games! Check out: www.basic-mathematics.com
  • Online Math Curriculum - Kids practice math on the computer through endlessly patient individualized curriculum that assures mastery of the key math skills and concepts - from Time4Learning.com
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