Homeschool History - The Best Way to Plan your Approach!

What really makes a Homeschool History Curriculum?

How do we teach History?

This Homeschool History Sitemap gives you an overview as to how to teach history. You can use this page to entirely design your own homeschool history curriculum. I describe different approaches to teaching history, history resources to use - including books, unit study ideas and so on, as well as history project ideas and homeschool history curriculum you may wish to use.

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History Overview

Why study history? What are our goals?

Should we study it chronologically?

Read the History Overview here

Approaches used in Teaching Homeschool History

Unit Study Approach

Living Books Approach

Chronological Approach

Using History Spinebook

Using a History Curriculum

 History Notebooking

Homeschool History Resources

The DYH Homeschool History Bookshop lists my favourite read alouds, great reference books, living books for different ages, history spinebooks, primary sources, hands-on-projects books, overview books and unit study materials through the different time periods. 

If you're keen to teach history, you will love this comprehensive coverage of the time periods - and as a warning to you.... you'll find that the study of history can take over your homeschool life! We did! 

The Links here bring you to the Overview Page of each time period.

The Button on the left brings you to the History Bookshop outlining all the history pages.


  • Unification and Colonization (1836-1914)
  • The World at War (1914-1949)
  • The Modern World (1950- present day)

Fun History Day Projects

Homeschool History really comes alive when you live it out! 

Have fun, be creative, make some costumes, plan a feast, invite some friends and live out the time period.

Play games of the time period, eat the food of the historical period being studied, write speeches and dramatic performances.  Above all, live it and enjoy!

Colonial Day

Cold War Day

Medieval Feast

World War 1 Day

Roman Feast

History Project Ideas

Homeschool History Curriculum

Veritas Press Curriculum

veritas press history curriculum

Tapestry of Grace

tapestry of grace homeschool history

Mystery of History

homeschool history curriculum

Heart of Wisdom

homeschool history curriculum

Story of the World

homeschool history curriculum

Time Travelers

homeschool history curriculum

Sonlight History

homeschool history curriculum


homeschool history curriculum

TruthQuest History

homeschool history curriculum

Historical Fiction Novels

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