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Welcome to the Sitemap of Design Your Homeschool. I know what it is like to get on a website and feel lost - so this is the place to find where you are and what else you might like to find. Enjoy! Click the links below to move down the sitemap categories.

Homeschooling Guide

Step One: Homeschooling Goals

Step Two: The Curriculum

Step Three: The Subjects and Curriculum Reviews

Step Four: The Homeschooling Approaches

Step Five: Design Your Homeschool Approach

Step Six: Getting Organized

Step Seven: Find Support

Network and Resource Center

  • Marianne's Top 'Ten' Lists
  • Encouragement
  • Free Printables
  • The Bookshop Links
  • Homeschool Gallery Resources
  • Learning Stages
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The Homeschooling Guide to design your Homeschool

Step One: Setting Homeschooling Goals

Step Two: The Curriculum

Step Three: Homeschooling Subjects

How to choose Homeschooling Subjects

Teaching Art

Art Curriculum Reviews

Teaching Homeschool History

Homeschool History Pages:

Ways to Teach History

Using History Curriculum

History Resources and Book Recommendations

Homeschool History Bookshop Overview - Links to all History Resources

Pages to help you create your Homeschool History - Ancient Egypt Study

Pages to help you create your Homeschool History Ancient Greece Study

Pages to help you create your Homeschool History Ancient Rome Study

Pages to help you create your Homeschool History Medieval Study

More Historical Time Period Resources

My series of TOP TEN History Living Books Suggestions:

Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, Medieval, Reformation and Renaissance

Trade and Empire 1600-1707 History Living Books

History Day Projects

Language Arts

Homeschool Language Arts Pages:



Writing Gallery

Language Arts Curriculum Reviews

Teaching Science

Homeschool Science Curriculum Reviews

Teaching Math

Math Sitemap

Homeschool Math Curriculum Reviews

Computer Curriculum

Computer Curriculum

Business Studies

Design and Technology

Teaching Music and Curriculum Reviews

Music Appreciation Ideas:               

Step Four: The Approaches

Unit Study Approach

Delight Directed Approach

Thomas Jefferson Approach

Charlotte Mason Approach

The Classical Homeschooling Approach

The Classical Homeschooling Approach

Online Homeschooling Approach

Self Directed Homeschooling

Step Five: Design YOUR Homeschooling Approach

How to Design Your Homeschooling Approach

Design Your Unit Study Approach

Design Your Delight Directed Approach

Design Your Charlotte Mason Approach

Design Your Textbook Approach

Design Your Thomas Jefferson Approach

Design Your Self Directed Approach

Step Six: The Details and Homeschool Organizational Help

Getting Organized in your Homeschool

Homeschool Organization

Menu Planner Guide

The Homeschool Planner Options

Create your own Homeschool Planner

Network and Resource Centre

Marianne's TOP TEN Lists

Series on Homeschooling and Trust

How to...

Benefits of Homeschooling - Great Reasons to Homeschool

Encouragement for the Journey

Free Homeschooling Printables

The Bookshop - Homeschooling Recommendations

Homeschool Gallery of Ideas and Resources

Curriculum Reviews

Homeschool Curriculum Reviews Artistic Pursuits / Nature Journaling Resources / Wonderland of Nature /   A Bush Calendar and Australian Nature Journals / TruthQuest History / Tapestry of Grace / Vertitas Press History Curriculum / Janette's Pictures of Australian History /  Our Sunburnt Country / Teaching Writing- Structure and Style / Primary Language Lessons / Amanda Bennett Unit Studies / Math U See / Singapore Math / Life of Fred 

K-12 Curriculum:

Learning Stages

Homeschooling in Australia

Homeschooling in Australia

Homeschooling in Australia

Registration in Australia

Australian Homeschool Suppliers

Australian Curriculum Products



Science / Nature Study:

Homeschooling Questions and Answers


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